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Thread: Hello from Michigan

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    Default Hello from Michigan

    I'm just a regular schmoe of the world that likes the occasional diaper. I say occasional because like most people, I can't afford to wear 24/7. :P
    Never tried being a baby, but have been a little curious about it, could be fun, if the mommy/daddy/nanny/sitter, whatever the case, was nice and caring.
    Outside the ABDL stuff, i don't do anything spectacular, watch tv, play video games, the standard stuff.

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    Hi back from Michigan. There are a few of us from the state on here. I am up in the Northern Lower

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    I see. Well, I'm about as south as a Michiganer gets. :P

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    It's always good to see a Michigander come along. I'm in Detroit and its suburbs myself these days. Welcome!

    So what sorts of TV and video games do you like?

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    I'm even further south then you are. lol
    But as to my interest in video games. I like pretty much everything, to an extent at least.
    For me though, Mario games are tops. Love 'em. I'm mainly a Nintendo guy, but i got nothing against the other guys.

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    I'm about 10 miles from the Ohio border, downriver.

    Welcome to Adisc!

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    Awesome! And ty.

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    Well, I suppose I oughta say hey as well. I'm also in southeastern Michigan, not horribly far from that Dragon dude, either . Always good to see more locals around, I suppose. I hope you enjoy your time on the site.

    Let's see, non-ABDL stuff. Well, you say you watch TV and game? Any favorite shows or games? What do you usually play? I'm more of a retro guy, myself. I kind of lost interest in new games several years ago for whatever reason, hah. Anyhow, welcome again.

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    Retro like 8bit games? Like NES games? Love those. My favorite NES game is Maniac Mansion.

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    8 bit, 16 bit, 32, 64, etc. I grew up on 16 bit systems and own nearly 20 consoles. If it wasn't for my 360, I could say that none of them are newer than my PS2. I have stuff from the original Atari right on up. NES was a great system. Ours, unfortunately, is a piece of crap (hardly works), so I tend to stick to emulators nowadays, lol. I have never played Maniac Mansion before, but I'm sure I have the ROM for it. I'll have to give it a try.

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