Although I wear pull ups for a slight urge incontinence, I try not to use them when I am out and about. Graduating to diapers, when I am able, has unlocked a strange security and stress relief valve. Having had three days to myself, I have just finished my first attempt at 24/7 diaper wearing with three days and two nights. Generally a great experience but a few musings:
By the end of the first day, with help from water intake and nettle tea, and with my previous practice, my body was able to release without much if any thought.
However there was always a 2 minute warning that it was about to release and then release came without thought or effort - an almost Zen like feeling of no control. By the end of the third day I had to concentrate not to release for the first few undiapered hours.
Night time was different and I had to concentrate hard to pee on waking up and I envied those who just peed turned over and slept. At times I diverted my mind to reading ASDIC on the I-pad and, as soon as I opened up, so did the flood gate. More practice required.
I got through about 4-5 Tena Maxis a day - the best disposables I have tried - thin and discrete to wear out and yet super absorbent. To go 24/7 full time I would need to win the lottery at 35 Tenas a week.
I would also need to rent a skip for the mountain of bagged disposables generated.
How to those committed to 24/7 discretely dispose of the weekly mountain?
I cannot wait for next chance at 24/7 and the (cannot begin to describe but others will know), sense of contentment that it generated but it made me realise how lucky I am to have the choice. Would that choice erode over time however?