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Thread: AB List Of Things To Do :)

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    Default AB List Of Things To Do :)

    Ok so Daddy made a list of all the things he wants to do with me i thought it would be nice to share so others little ones can do the some of the same things or may be give AB's some good ideas for when its a rainy day . The list

    make jelly together
    colouring in
    have story time
    play time
    go to the beach
    go to the zoo
    Have a picnic
    Play a card or board game
    Build a blanket fort
    Tell your child what makes them special every day
    Go to a movie together
    Finger Paint
    Take pictures
    water fight
    bath time
    Make Símores
    Play hide and seek
    play peekaboo
    Go camping
    Draw a map and have a treasure hunt
    Talk about feelings/emotions
    Paint a picture by numbers together
    go to the panto
    Go bowling
    Make a collage out of photos and/or clippings of their favorite things
    Spend time simply LISTENING to them.

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    It mightened be AB related but I find playing the piano relaxes me, especially when I hit the high notes. Makes me feel all tingly and soft haha #weird


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    no not at all i play guitar its a get way for me to kick back i can play the old huggies pull up song on guitar now thats wired lol

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    Can't play any children's themes... Yet... But my favourite song to play is adele - someone like you love it. And that's not weird at all. If it make you happy, that is all that you should care about


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    If your Dada can bake why not decorate fairy cakes, or if not you could just decorate biscuits? I used to love doing this, then later you get to eat it too!

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    ho that sounds great i will tell him i want to do that D thanks big hugs

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    yep i would like to play the the piano that would be cool

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    I'll say it's never been a baby thing...

    I play music usually daily...

    I play guitar, bass, piano, drums, and most brass...can't play drums long with my bad foot...

    Been playing quite varied lately...from Coldplay through Allen Jackson..

    I do find it really relaxing...


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    Ride on a Rocking Horse
    Have some rock me at nap time or bed time.
    Have some where to ride my tricycle inside.

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    Ride a Space Hopper, the old kind with the handles shaped like animals' heads

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