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Thread: Extra Diapers kept in Storage Unit -- Risk of Damage from heat? Cold?

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    Default Extra Diapers kept in Storage Unit -- Risk of Damage from heat? Cold?

    Hi all, I tend to buy diapers by the case to save money and shipping -- because my wife knows and accepts, it's no real problem having a good amount in storage at one location or another (back when I was a teen, a few diapers or a maximum of one bag was all I could ever risk).

    So we recently moved to a different place and I no longer have secure diaper storage at that location -- my extra diapers have therefore been relegated to our storage unit in cardboard boxes. They aren't at risk of getting water damaged at the moment but I'm wondering about the high heat of the summer -- and then potentially the cold in the winter. For the past month, our area has been having temperatures in the mid to high 90's and even a few days well over 100 (F). Pretty stinking hot. And of course our storage unit is not air conditioned in any way -- probably hotter inside than out. In the winter, it gets down to perhaps +15 or 10 (F) for a few weeks at the coldest time.

    I imagine that I'll go through what's in there within the next 5-6 months or so -- so we're not talking years of storage. But should I be worried about deterioration of materials/stickies?


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    Only thing you have to worry about is mice or rats due to them loving cardboard and they will use the cardboard and the diaper material as bedding or to live in! I store my extra diapers in the shed at my house and store the extra diapers in plastic storage tots to prevent anything living in the diapers! Other than that the diapers should be fine

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