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  • At my navel

    5 11.11%
  • between my navel and hips

    15 33.33%
  • at my hips

    21 46.67%
  • below my hips

    2 4.44%
  • Screw pants!

    2 4.44%
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Thread: How do you wear your pants?

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    Default How do you wear your pants?

    I went suit shopping today and my dad laughed at me because he had to continuously remind me to pull up my pants. I was just wondering whether I'm a product of my generation, my culture, or just my general region. I like to wear my pant around my hips, however when you wear dress pants you need to have them all the way up to you navel, which I found extremely uncomfortable.

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    Seems really weird to wear any higher than my hips. When I wear a diaper it sticks out of my pants to my belly button but I don't think that counts

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    Always at my navel. I can't stand to have things hang down low.

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    My pants tend to sag because I dislike belts and therefore don't wear them. This is more true with a couple pairs I have that are too big.

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    I'm old school on wearing at the waist line. I wear elastic waist jeans and I hate it when the front slides down on my beer belly. That's one reason I wear my shirt tail out to hide by belly
    when that happens.

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    Hip, maybe just slightly above, depending on the belt & pant.

    I think it looks hilarious if people wear pants so low that basically the ass-cheeks and all of the boxers are revealed and the crotch section of the pants is at basically knee level...
    the walk is just too funny.

    same goes for folks who wear the pants basically just below the chest.

    anything in between, I don't care on others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyTommy
    How do you wear your pants?
    properly: with the waistband fitted at the waist.

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    Only on fancy occasions or when I know I'll be spending the night at a friend's house but when I do I wear them under my trousers

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    I wear them slightly below my waist, at a kinda sag but not completely :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    properly: with the waistband fitted at the waist.
    Couldn't have put it better myself! Seems odd to have the waistband pulled up to your navel! And I don't know how people walk with the waistband halfway up their thigh, a la mode...

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