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Thread: Whats your favorite thing about being an adult baby

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    Default Whats your favorite thing about being an adult baby

    Whats your favorite thing about being an adult baby?

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    The main favorites thing about being an Adult Baby is the diapers, the thickness, the sound of the diaper makes and the feeling of being secured when that diaper wraps around your waist. It evokes the sense of being hopeless but there is someone who loves you and cared about you. That what I felt When I regress.

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    Just feeling...more. My emotions are 10X stronger, and the little things matter. i switch from worrying about the latest software/network deployment to being content with a fresh nappy and Comfy (travel pillow that I've used as a plushie for the last dozen years.)

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    Well its all very new to me still but i would say going out with my Daddy is my new favorite thing to do its a lot of fun and letting Daddy take care of me and my little needs.

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    The feeling of the diapers, feeling of being an innocent little kid that needs to be taken care of, just the feeling of having no care in the world.

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    Being unlike everybody else who makes the occasional silly comments about how good a baby has life, and instead, actually getting some of that life back.

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