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Thread: song puts me in a regressive mood

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    Default song puts me in a regressive mood

    Hey guys,

    I have been listening to Lisa Mitchell - Providence. It has become one of my favorites, I could listen to it on repeat for hours.
    when I hear it, it has a strong effect on my mood, I feel more regressive. The words also strike a note with many of my feelings I sometimes have as an AB. While listening to it I feel a crave to grab my pacifier and curl up with someone special and accepting. Unfortunately I do not have such a person to share such an experience and feel sad after hearing it.

    Have any of you come across such songs which strike a note with your AB side or feelings, making you feel more regressive, happy or sad?


    Song link

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    When I play adele - someone like you on the piano, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside, especially when I hit the high and soft notes. Love it.


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    This song makes me feel very little makes me want to cry some times

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    Evanescence - You, especially the lyrics:
    You know I'd die just to hold you
    Stay with you
    Somehow I'll show you
    That you are my night sky
    I've always been right behind you
    Now I'll always be right beside you

    Reminds me of a time of safety and security

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    Pretend, by Lights. ADISC is the reason I know that song at all, so it's become kind of an ADISC theme song for me. =P

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    Oooh very nice. *adds songs to playlist*

    I have always loved Adele and I haven't ever heard Pretend by the Lights before. It does seem like a ADISC theme song for what I am sure is many people in our community. Pretty powerful

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