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Thread: Diapers: Hips or Waist

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    In advance I apologize if this thread already exists. I was curious if people tend to wear their diapers at the hips or waist. Personally I wear my diapers the hips since I am obese and have a large belly, causing my diapers to slip down.

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    It really depends on the diaper. My daytime tranquility ATN rides really low on my waist but the Abena xplus tends to come up above that. XP Medical - Abena Abri-San Incontinence Pads. Abena Abri-Fix Soft Cotton Fixing Pants. I wear these when I know I will be moving around alot they really help with keeping my diaper in place.

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    I wear by my waist the higher the better. I tend to leak out the top of the back if I sleep on my back if the diaper is to low. I don't have much natural padding on my butt. I leak where the small of the back and butt meet

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    Like Iamjust2, it depends on the diaper. I simply wear my diapers as far up as they go.

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    It does depend on diaper...

    But usually just under belly, and diaper cover higher...


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    Hips, cause I like it that way and if it should go around waist I would need bigger diapers..

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    Maybe I am fat, but the top just begins to roll up as the slide down my waist
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    At the waist. I don't want them drooping or sagging and I don't like anything hanging on me.

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    Can you imagine if diapers ever caught on and gangstas started sagging them? Just a random, semi-humorous thought.

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    i wear them at my hips because they fit best that way, wearing them at the waist always makes them slide down or i end up having to buy larger diapers and thers too much of the diaper

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