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Thread: A diaper database.

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    Default A diaper database.

    I don't know if this already exist, if so link me else.
    Can we form a database with every diaper we can find, sorted by country, size, absorption, other
    Like a photo of every diaper + data on that diaper with a place below for ppl to comment on it, and a link to where you can buy it.

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    It sounds like a good idea but it would take a lot of work to do it. It might be better to list the online suppliers. Whether it be IC or AB/DL sites.

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    Default Has one but not sorted that way. But it has a lot of info on almost every diaper out there

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    maybe if we just had name of each diaper a pic + link to site, then have where ppl could post about the diaper under it. so setup like a forum thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by binkygirl Has one but not sorted that way. But it has a lot of info on almost every diaper out there
    My firewall blocks that site says its a "porn site"

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    A big task for one person, but if someone set up the fields and opened it up for contributors from here it would likely take care of itself quite quickly. Might just start it myself if I get some free time.

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    Diaper Reviews (By Brand) - ABout ABDL

    Here is mine it is not anywhere near complete, but in 6 months.... I also want to to video reviews at some point.

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    Is this database you want just adult diapers or would it include baby diapers

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    hmmm.... I'm not sure if a good example of this already exists, but if not, I would consider starting one of these myself if enough people were interested and would contribute to the database. All it should take to begin with would be a website with a nice interface and information/content management system. (given I can find reasonable hosting).

    If anyone thinks it would be worth my time and energy to build such a website, or if, given it turns out well, you would use and contribute to the database or know of people who would, by all means tell me. If I think enough people would actually use it/benefit from it to be worth it, it I'll consider trying to start one up, that is given I can find the time, energy and the means to host it.

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    A database, that list the different brands and even variations would be a good thing. For example Pampers and Huggies have different diapers in other countries, some even being diapers for boys and girls.

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    By the way computerProgrammer I didn't mean to steal your idea. I just thought it was a pretty good one, and a project I wouldn't mind picking up/ contributing to. If you meant you were already going to build one yourself and don't want me too you should consider telling me so I don't step on your toes or anything :P

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