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Thread: Odd Diaper Requirements

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    Question Odd Diaper Requirements

    As I will have a way to get secure shipping soon I am looking to upgrade from the Certainties I am using to a higher quality diaper. I have a couple issues that make the diaper articles on here helpful, but missing a couple details I need. Combine a varicose vein in a testicle with shrinkage when wearing and I find the stream is very high up on the diaper and the flow is often obstructed. This was an issue last night as I leaked badly when I had one of my rare wetting incidents from high blood sugar

    I figure to correct this I would need a combination of

    1: Tight gather where the leg meets the crotch or a wide crotch on the diaper
    2: Padding high up on the diaper
    3: Very fast absorption or a channel in the middle to help direct the absorption.
    4: padding further out on the sides would be a bonus, but less important than the other three.

    Can anyone direct me to a couple of brands available in the US that would meet these requirements? While I would prefer cloth backed for it's discreteness, preventing any more leaks means enough to me at this point to increase the risk of being caught.

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    At XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies get some samples of the Dry 24/7 and Tena Slip Maxi's and see if they will work for you.

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    Thanks! I'm really glad I found this community, as well as the practical help it's really helped me with my fears and guilt.

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    The Abena range comes up higher than any other diaper I've worn, and is extremely absorbent. The M4 has a lot more padding at the sides, which can make it feel a bit bulky as you walk. The M3s padding is narrower at the front (but still works well) so walking is unhindered. I'd say both were wide in the crotch and have a "fuller", broader coverage than most diapers.

    They come in three ranges. The plastic-backed Abri-Form, which is only available from a handful of suppliers (none in the UK, though). There are two fake-cloth backed ones: the Abri-Form (which was supposed to completely replace the plastic-backed range until so many people complained) and the Abri-Form Premium (AKA Air-Plus).

    The fake-cloth ones are more discreet and easier to walk naturally in, but I find they leak far too easily round the front leg cuffs. The plastic ones are/were almost perfect.

    The Air-Plus/Premium cloth-backed ones are supposed to be breathable... but I found that they felt clammy on the outside... and were terrible for odour control.

    For added protection, the Abena Abri-Let (4021) boosters work well in combo with the Abri-Forms. They seem to absorb and wick quicker than the diaper itself, making leaks much less likely.

    Hope this helps... :-)

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    Thanks guys! I don't currently have space to securely store more than one case, but if the dry 24/7s or M4s perform as well as they seem they will it will be well worth the effort to get more secure storage and use them for nighttime and Tenas for daytime. (I'm hoping the Tenas will work for daytime when I have control as they seem thinner and more discrete.)

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    Always want something higher in the waist. I use to have a problem with leakage up the back, if I slept on my back. There is no use wearing a diaper if it leaks. That was with the old Curity Brand. For me it was the worst adult diaper ever made. But that was 30 years ago. Adult diapers have come a long ways since.

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    I ain't US but I think Tranquility are high above the waist, all I know is they are pretty thick and soft.

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