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    Although I log in and read all the threads here. I have been away from this forum for a long period of time. However I'm back now. I have been in and out of the purge cycle lately. This guilt trip of mine is bothering me , I can not seem to regress like I used to. I would put on a diaper and onesie and next minute I would have this guilt trip of mine, I would ask myself a series of questions. "Why would a young adult still wants to be in diapers". This question kept repeating in my head. To add to all that issues I had, my Gf just broke up with me for no apparent reason. Nothing is involved with diapers or my secret when I was with her, I did not have the courage to tell her too, that I have a fetish for diapers. Thus there is no way she could have known my secret or at least she could talk over it. We broke up over a text and I tried calling her and Inbox her phone but she did not return my calls nor my message. So after she left my urge to regress became more irresistible, but somehow I cannot regress like how I used to. There are nights where I would cry for reasons that I do not clearly understand. However sometimes you have to pick yourself up because there are nobody else but you to walk the road together.

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    Our lives and our emotional being are such complicated things. You shouldn't try to force anything just simply let nature take its course.

    Firstly, it sounds as though you are AB and if so, this is something locked into who you are. Yes, this is a difficult and complex thing to deal with, but not something you ought to feel guilty about. It is so much healthier to love yourself than feel ashamed of yourself especially for something which is naturally a part of you. Your inability to experience satisfactory regression is linked with your feeling of guilt. Let go of this, accept yourself and allow that little part of your self to be freely expressed.

    Sorry to hear of your broken relationship, but if this is meant to be, you'll be glad you maintained your privacy.

    Good luck.

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    Clearly, you experience issues with self-condemnation. You'll have to make a decision: do you want to wear diapers? If no, then stop it altogether and walk a different path. If you do, wear diapers as you like (although in a balanced way to prevent desensitizing). Whenever the thoughts you mentioned come up again, tell yourself (aloud if possible) that this is what you want.
    You are 21, so you should be old and independent enough to figure out what your wishes are. Possibly, you are also still sad about your girlfriend leaving you. Since this has nothing to do with it, it is okay to tell yourself the truth. Sorry if this sounds spiritual, but I believe in the power of words. As long as someone (even if this someone is your own mind) is trying to make you believe something that is not true, you will eventually believe it, even though it is a lie.

    Tell yourself the truth. Stay strong, you can do it.

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