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Thread: Is this what it's really like?

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    Red face Is this what it's really like?

    So I'm cat/house sitting for my aunt and uncle for a total of 5 days. During these days thus far, I haven't had to hide my pacifier, I can just leave it by my bed without a care. Today, I'm just leaving my diapers and changing supplies in my room, but out in the open! I can walk around the house in a diaper an t-shirt without worrying about getting caught, it's wonderful!

    Is this what life is like for ABs who live on their own? I can't wait to move out of my parents house! Really need to get a job first though :P
    I know moving out means more responsibilities, but I think the freedom will be worth it

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    A little of the good life. Enjoy these five days, Piplup. It might take a while before you get another chance

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    Enjoy while you can! When you get to the daily life of working and living the AB time will be harder to come by.

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    Enjoy it while it lasts! However just remember to clean as you go so you don't get caught, do a detail clean before she comes home and always have a backup plan regardless, incase unexpected visitors call around.


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    I'm definitely enjoying it! I'll probably get this opportunity again when they go out of town again
    It'll be a while before I have my own place though... And when I do, I'll probably have to have a roommate for a while. Oh well.
    @FlightSimPro I always clean as I go whenever I stay here And I won't be answering the door for unexpected visitors. It's Baltimore. Enough said. Plus anyone that would want to visit know that my aunt and uncle are out of the county
    I'll only be opening the door for Daddy when he gets here

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    Good good. Well at least you have thought about it and have a plan in place


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    Quote Originally Posted by Piplup View Post
    I know moving out means more responsibilities, but I think the freedom will be worth it :)
    Kinda ;)

    But anyway, enjoy your little vacation!

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    Yes and no...

    So, when your on your own, you have a lot more grown up responsibilities as well...

    And unexpected visitors are an issue if your in the closet...


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    Any updates, Piplup? How did it feel to be able to "baby out" all day long?


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