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    The Piece of Fucking Shit God Damn Dryers in my Fucking Apt Don't Fucking Work and Wasted 2.50 Fucking Dollars in the Fucking Broken Ass Piece of Shit Dryers That The Fucking Broken Ass Piece of Shit God Damn Piece of Shit Dryers Don't Fucking Work and Now I'm Fucking Screwed with no Fucking way to dry my Fucking Clothes that need to be Fucking Dry by 10:00 am but how can I go on my Fucking Camping Trip with no Fucking Clothes if all my Fucking Clothes are Fucking Wet Please Help me find an answer to my Fucking problem!?! Sorry for cussing I'm Mad and Pissed Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Oh my god, that was funny.

    If this really is true, I'd suggest going to a coin laundry place.

    But damn, that was funny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by June View Post
    Oh my god, that was funny.

    If this really is true, I'd suggest going to a coin laundry place.

    But damn, that was funny.
    It's True but How Can I go to coin laundry place? When It's Fucking 11:00 Pm at night and everything in my one horse town that I live in is
    Fucking Shut down for the night? Well I Guess I'm Fucking Screwed!!!!!!!!

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    I guess you could hang your clothes over your shower and in other places in your bathroom overnight, maybe even use a hairdryer to manually dry them. It wouldn't do the trick completely, but it should take some of the moisture out, and the rest will dry before long.

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    If you have a baking oven in the kitchen, a decent one... You can try to dry the few most important items at about 60-90 degrees Celsius for about two hours ...but check frequently... You do not want them to burn...

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    I hang them on hangers in my apt and hope they will dry but It's wet,hot,humid,and rainy,cloudy all day long so I Fucking Screwed because all my will still be Fuckin wet by 10:00 am So What I'm am to cancel the camping trip that I have wasted 100 fucking dollars to save a cabin so I don't go this weekend I'll have wasted 100 Fucking dollars on a cabin I can't use because my fucking clothes are fucking wet because fucking dryers in my apt complex are fucking god damn piece of shit 30 year old broken ass piece of shit dryers from 1980's never fucking work and fucking people that own apt complex are too fucking cheap to fucking fix the broken ass piece of shit old dryers or to buy or new washers and dryers that are up to date.

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    My Staff gave me some money to dry my clothes so I can dry my clothes in one of not broken dryers so my clothes are finally dry so I can pack my clothes for my camping trip so finally my bad luck has broken!

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