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    So I had a rather long conversation with a friend of mine today and the topic was diapers, diaper bags, what's good to put into a diaper bag. Turns out she wouldn't mind if I wore around her. Just as long as she couldn't smell my diaper. I can't believe how supportive some of the friends I have are.. I just thought those that wanted to talk about their supportive friends they could do that here. I don't have any many supportive friends but those that are supportive mean the world to me. Again, Those that wanted to talk about their supportive friends they could do that in this thread.

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    I've told only one person other than my wife, and he's very supportive of me, but he was my SO in college. We went through a lot together and we are always there for each other. I don't think that will change even after death. A weird statement I know, but we had something that went outside any rational thought or boundaries. It was he and I who conjured up a full figured ghost in my home bedroom using a Ouija board. We have this psychic connection that is hard to explain.

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    All four of my parents know, and they haven't been entirely supportive. It's just been something too awkward to bring up. My mom and step-dad initially presumed pedophilia, and my father insisted I see a therapist about it because it is "emotionally unhealthy". Clearly not as emotionally unhealthy as what got me committed for all of last week in a mental hospital. Other than that, only two other people know, and I don't discuss it with them.

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