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Thread: The best thing about being a girl is...

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    Default The best thing about being a girl is...

    ...well, that's up to all of you! Whether you're actually a girl, or just play one on the Internet, what do you like the best about being a girl/sissy/LG? All answers welcome, silly or serious.

    To me, the best thing about being a girl is that, as an LG, I can be a lot more real with my emotions. There's no need to act cool or macho; you can act what you're feeling, for better or for worse. It's very freeing!

    Oh, and dresses are WAY prettier than smelly jeans. Can't forget that. :p

    So, what do you think is the best thing about being a girl (of any age)?

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    Being absolved from feelings of shame and frustration when having to repair something only to have it fail again with cleanup-resisant grease under the fingernails for the trouble

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adventurer View Post
    Oh, and dresses are WAY prettier than smelly jeans. Can't forget that. :p
    And there I do love to wear jeans in general.... how rude =p.... Okay, okay! Some dresses are really cute.

    Hm.... putting cotton balls between our toes, paint our nails, and not feel the least bit silly. ^_-

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    Pretty much what has been said...freely expressive of feelings, and fun/pretty attire including pink super-skinny jeans ;-) Not expected or considered capable of holding up your end of the Earth...but, doing it anyway, and helping others with theirs...because 'girls' can, and 'girls' do! Being the ultimate diplomat, the care-er, the nurturer...not having to be 'pigeon-holed' as gay, or straight...and to be able to be intimately-real with others... Did I miss anything...;-)
    -Ms Marka

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    In short the clothes girls wear are way better than guy clothes and I love wearing girls shorts, skirts and nighties.

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    the best part of being female is dressing like a guy without having to be one....

    Oh, oh, oh... and not having to shave!
    and then there is never going bald like my little brother..... yea! that is good too!

    dikes and denim, whats not fun about that.....

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    For me it's the clothes. I like the look of girl's clothes, panties, bras and all the rest. They are a lot more colorful and prettier than guys clothing.

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    Clothes of course, who wouldnt want to wear a skirt on a hot day?
    No need to shave beard every day...

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    I have to go with the clothes as well. Guys are waaaaaaay to restricted with what they can and can't wear.

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