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    Does anybody actually have/use a rattle? I have never had any interest in having one. Never had one as a kid. What is everybodies thoughts? To me it seems like rattles are more for little babies rather than toddlers.

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    I would say that it would not do any think for me as my little side is more toddler so a rattle would be boring. More into colouring and fun games and my soft toys super hugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    I haven't had any desire for them. They make me think of this comic: Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip, March 11, 1991 on
    I feel the same way, though that's probably because I never regress all the way to an infantile mindset. Also, bonus points for referencing Calvin and Hobbes.

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    Lol exactly

    For me I guess the only attraction would be for whacking people with it. I am not a mean baby though. Mabye if it was nice to chew/suck on.

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    Rattles no, but I like things with Bells.

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    As an Autistic, I love the sounds of baby rattles.

    I own a whole bunch of them

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    Alone playing with a rattle? I don't think so. An AB/DL parent shaking one in my face for role-play purposes? I'd smile and coo with delight

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    I play with rattlesnakes. Does that count? I guess it's because my mom would give me a rattler to play with, especially when she was tired of me. Damn, those suckers would bite!

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    To me it totally seems like that's what they use when they make an AB character in a movie just for the audience to mock, without doing any research into what AB's are about. Whenever I think of an AB holding a rattle, I can only think of poorly done mimicking of us and our needs.

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