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Thread: Hello from the land down under

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    Red face Hello from the land down under

    Hey guys,

    I started out as a diaper wearer due to health reason's but I had only been using the pull up type, I wasn't happy about been in diapers but I slowly came to terms with it, and now well I enjoy been in them, I have found a nice small shop close to home that sells a decent adult diaper, I decided to try an adult diaper once and loved it ever since.
    A few of my friends know about my diaper wearing and they haven't treated me any different since they found out.


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    Welcome pioneerford from a fellow Aussie! Congratulations on joining. Interesting to hear about your situation, have you worn diapers all your life? I would also be interested in hearing about your hobbies and interests. I myself play a bit of golf, rock climb and used to scuba dive and kite surf. If you are interested you should join our group 'aussies unite' to meet fellow Australians and view topics about Australia.

    I look forward to seeing you on the forums.

    Cheers K

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    Maybe I should of put it as the "land down under" the land down under lol,,,, I'm a pure breed kiwi :p

    my hobbies consist of cars (Been audio install's, re-fabrication, body work (dent repairs, paint)), computers (meant to be my career), I love going out for a good hunt, and of course you can't forget the most important thing in the world ...... FOOD!!! (I love my baking and cooking) :P

    In response to your question about my diaper wearing, I can remember when I was 6 I would wear my little brothers nappies, I can also remember coming home from school and find the nappy I wore the night before folded up under my pillow (mother dearest) - from memory there was no questions about it, I don't remember much else up untill I was put on medication, and well been in them since, I was 16 when I started having bedwetting troubles, now I wear them at night to be on the safe side and well the rest of the time because I love wearing them


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    Kiwi too, as you can probably tell.... :P What sort of hunting? I do a bit of deer and goat hunting in my spare time. I also love food, and I'm a massive car nut as well. Love Subarus in particular, but mostly the older ones. I'm a fairly outdoorsy person, I MTB too.

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    I enjoy my small game hunting IE: the good old "Mr bugs" and how could I forget the furry little rats (opossum's), I haven't had a chance to go deer stalking yet, My father wouldn't take me out before we fell out, and at the moment there is no point in going to get my firearms licence, my flatmate hate guns and would kill me if I came home with one (more so to do with her 3 kids than anything else).
    I love any sort of old car, (can't beat the good old 1969 Mach 1 Ford Mustang), I also enjoy a bit of off roading (wanting to get a 1989 Mitsi pajero SWB).

    But with saying that about the hunting and off roading, it's not so easy to do when living in a large city.

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    Ah. I've never actually been rabbit hunting, just larger game. Living up north would be a problem for that yeah. Much better down here in the deep South. SWB Pajeros are pretty mean, but if I built an offroader it would be a Subaru, just for the shits and giggles. Would take some work, but it's doable.

    Older cars are simply the best. They have charisma that modern cars just don't have.

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    Yeah if I was to build one I would probably use the body of a 92 telstar or a 95 corolla/ sprinter.

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    On a Mitsi chassis? Interesting idea... Although I would have thought the SWB would be, well, too short. I've always kinda wanted to build a sedan-based 4wd, it would be like a BMW X6 that could actually go offroad. Not as practical as a wagon though, and you can't just fold the seats and sleep in it.

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    Hi I have an odd question do you speak the "kings English" or the usual English.

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    King's English? Do you mean British English, as opposed to the Americanised version?

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