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Thread: Doom and gloom... why are so many people afraid of the future?

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    Default Doom and gloom... why are so many people afraid of the future?

    I have to ask this; why are so many people afraid of the future? I have several friends who are so afraid of the future they stockpile food, supplies and are basically preppers- I don't believe that doom-and-gloom nonsense. I don't buy it.

    The reason I don't is because I grew up watching Star Trek and having hope that humanity will evolve long after I'm gone into something better than what we are now. Star Trek gave me hope for the future that mankind will evolve into something without greed, hatred and living in fear.

    I believe in a better future than the doom and gloom as well as the dark conspiracies that I've been exposed to in the past few years. Maybe it's cause I think my life is better than theirs; without the rage against the US Government and the world that they feel has wronged them.

    My friends call me a sheep, brain-dead and brainwashed follower of Obama and his slogans.

    I retort back to them I don't like Obama, I'm not the one brainwashed and that they are- so afraid of things that aren't real and afraid of things I can easily debunk with time online. I tell them facts but they say they trust their facts from fear mongers such as Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones, David Icke and Ron Paul.

    Why are people so afraid of the future? Why do people want to live in fear of things that may or may not happen? I have never understood that. I used to be like my friends when I was in my late teens and 20s but I outgrew that phase of life and realized that living in fear and anger was not for me.

    So, I want to ask my fellow humans on ADISC; why do people want to live in fear and be afraid of things that more than likely are not real and will never come to pass? It doesn't make sense to me.

    I prefer to not live in fear and be afraid of the future. I would rather spend time on my hobbies like model building, writing, drawing and enjoying what I have around me in my life.

    What's your take on all this living in fear of the future and such?


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    But I like Ron Paul. He was the only good candidate. And the fact that he and his delegates were censored at the Republican National Convention shows some evidence of a conspiracy.

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    This is NOT meant to be a discussion about RON PAUL! But doom and gloom fear of the future types- don't derail this into something else!


    I only bought up Paul because some of my doom-and-gloom friends are followers of that man.

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    Fair enough, I won't bring him up. But your thread and my anti-vaccine thread share one thing. That being that globalization and corporations are taking over and any opposing idea to them is shaken off as a "conspiracy theory".

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    I'm not afraid of humanity's future. I'm afraid of my future.

    The reason being is that I fucked around in high school and the only way place I can go to college is a piss-poor community college that even I'm too poor to afford, and the government doesn't want to help me. Not only that, but the entire thing is that the idea of going to college is shoved into everyone's brain at a young life, and even though college isn't needed to be well off later in life, it still feels like you're being nothing but a failure if you don't go. I can't win. I don't have the money to go, and my family will look down on me for not going.

    Not only that, but I'm afraid of the future regarding marriage, or anything else. I don't want to grow up, but it's also been shoved in my head that getting married in your 20's is standard and normal, and if you're not married before 30, you've made some interesting mistakes. My sister, however, is not married and she's about 32. She is the only one in my family that understands what I mean, and what I'm going through, although she also pushes the college idea, so she's useless in that regard.

    My sexuality scares me because I'm not sure if I'm gay, bi or straight, and the over-all idea of sex is uninteresting to me. So what am I going to do in the future? Get married to someone and have doubts my entire life? Am I even going to have children? It's expected of me, so what am I to do?

    I have no reason to think that my future will be anything but bleak.

    Now, humanity's future, I see a bright one. We've come a large way in medical science and research, and the amount of technological advances in medicine and just every-day life is outstanding. We've been able to cure diabetes in rats by using medical nanomachines. We're coming closer to being able to print actual organs by using 3D printers. The organs wouldn't need any pills, and there would be no reject, because they'd be using cells from the person's own fat. Organ waiting lists would be a thing of the past. Casual space travel isn't too far off either, and we're going to Mars in the near future. We're developing ways to charge up electric cars in just minutes, not hours. They're taking the small pads that transfer energy to batteries to charge cell phones and turning them large scale.

    We're making outstanding developments in technology and it's only going to start getting better and better for all of humanity. There is no bad future for humanity in my eyes.

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    The only reason I think that vaccines are a conspiracy theory is because the proof you all have is INCONCLUSIVE. NUFF SAID. Same with globalization tyranny BS- it's ALL BS and not real. If you would research online and find proof rather than living in fear then I feel sorry for you. I really do.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WildThing121675 View Post
    The only reason I think that vaccines are a conspiracy theory is because the proof you all have is INCONCLUSIVE. NUFF SAID. Same with globalization tyranny BS- it's ALL BS and not real. If you would research online and find proof rather than living in fear then I feel sorry for you. I really do.

    Take what KuroCat said, we are expected to do certain things in life (college, marriage, having kids, etc). All things that make use useful servants of a central globalized corporate system. Anyone who does not follow these steps is seen as an outcast and undesirable and their ideas are called "conspiracy theories". Think about it, college gets you in huge financial debt and makes you a slave to the central banks, marriage and having kids is so you produce a next generation for the system to enslave. And the cycle starts all over.

    Also, the guy you don't want me to mention was clearly censored and there is irrefutable proof of it unlike vaccines (admitably).

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    i don't have it to hand, but there was a recent documentary about the 'change' in the american psyche and how most of it stemmed from particular scandals and mishaps during the mid-to-late 20th century. of course, though, there are other factors involved, like the american history and culture and at how that influences thought and behaviour (dare i say that americans are prone to extremism?)

    overall, though, i'd say that people would be right to be wary or concerned about the future. as part and parcel of globalization, western peoples and their governances and societies have become fat and lazy, in mind and body.
    the past global economies upon which we base our monetary trade (the britsh empire/east india company and the dutch east india company) were largely based on provisioning for population/industrial expansion at home. as a consequence, and as a consequence of the nature of our economy, we have the expanded population but no industry for them to serve [in order to further expand the empire/company].
    a lot of people feel that we are now in a 'late roman' phase and that the end of europeany imperialism is nigh.

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    jcrowley1985; STOP TRYING TO HIJACK this thread into a support thread for RON PAUL. I should never have mentioned him in the first place... IN fact I want this thread closed- mods please delete and close this thread as it was NOT MY INTENTION TO CREATE DRAMA.

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    I didn't even mention him in my last post.

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