So, a while back, I lost my real-time adult baby mommy to her current and long time off again-on again boyfriend. It's a long story, but the two of them are wonderful and I'm happy that God has brought them together.

Well, he's also a good friend of mind and when he came back, although they weren't together at the time, I just couldn't look him in the eye for allowing myself to form a "mommy/baby" relationship with his ex.

One night over Facebook, I tried dropping bait to make him question what I meant so we could talk about it, but it took my (ex)mommy who caught onto what I was trying to do and she came out and told him everything.

He doesn't mind what we did and we are still good friends. I'm writing this because today, they went to a park and within the lake they were in, she was able to hold him up in a "baby-like" manor and he commented to her that I would be jealous if I saw them.

To me, what seems like a meaningless playful statement between the two, just made my heart skip a beat

I guess, my selfish dream is to maybe one day become their baby; well, until they have the real thing that is.

One can dream right?