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Thread: Adults become more like children in a virtual world

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    Default Adults become more like children in a virtual world

    The human brain is even weirder than we thought: "In a virtual world adults in a child-like body start to perceive the world more like a child, a study has shown." - BBC News - Adults become more like children in a virtual world

    It's certainly interesting that it doesn't seem to take much to convince the brain that you have a different body. I know it's being used for research, but it sounds kinda fun. Of course, probably more accessible to us is this computer game, played from the perspective of a two year old: Among The Sleep, due later this year.

    This millennium is going to be so much cooler than the last one. :P

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    Soooo... if they put you in a virtual cat body... everything would look like wool after some time, right? O.o
    I shall use this knowledge for my... personal researches!

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