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Thread: AB/DL/Babyfur Game Servers

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    Default AB/DL/Babyfur Game Servers

    Greetings Fellow CrinkleBums

    Since my other post got closed, I thought I make this to update the stuff I have done. Today I just wanted to post some stuff I have been working on. I made a couple of servers with ab/dl/babyfur stuff on it. The servers are supposed to be sorta like a partnership with the bfg group on steam. I know some people do not like reading a wall of text so I tried to put it in easy read categories.

    The servers include:
    Team Fortress 2
    2 Garrys Mod servers

    One of the garrys mod servers is running Trouble in terrosit town and the other is running Darkrp.

    The darkrp server is what I am mainly focusing on. Some of the content I have on the server is listed below.

    Stuff is on the server:
    Wearble diapers that you can buy from the CLothes Seller
    Baby Rattle *Not uploaded yet but is done*
    Furry Fox Model
    Custom Daycare map *for ttt is Almost done*
    MLP player models * The models are on there but you can not select them yet*
    Diaper packages : Abena, Tena, Custom diaper package, Custom girl diaper package
    Glow sticks
    Dj room
    PAC 3 *this allows you to make your own avatar ingame*
    Drugz Mod
    Cars: Corvette, Go-Kart, Police cars,
    Customizable weapons that allow you to add attachments liek laser sights and custom ammo
    Cars that save
    A huge map perfect for driving/racing
    Slender Man

    Stuff in production:
    Food/drinks: Baby bottle, Baby food, Monster Energy Drink, Candy , Alchoholic beverages *All of these will give you different effects, like double jump ability or running super fast*
    Drive able Stroller
    Clothes: Footie Sleeper, Kevlar *All of these will give you different abilities, like armor or resistance to fire*
    A way to toggle if you want to see the abdl content or not
    Girl diaper design
    Weapons: AR gun, Baby Powder grenade, Pacifier sling shot * this idea came from cottontail* *These willd o different effects like, amke you run slower, and regress yout o an infant*
    More custimization for the furry model : Female version, police one, better textures, and more fur patterns

    Stuff for the future:
    A edit of the current map to add a: Movie Theater, and daycare
    A class to play youtube videos ingame
    A different Pet you can play as.
    I am also taking any suggestion on stuff you guys would like to see.
    I am pretty sure I am missing something but I can't remmeber it right now.


    Diaper/Furry Model:

    Custom TTT map:

    Diaper Packages:

    This model has been updated and does not exactly look like this!!!!!! It also has more skins!!!!

    If anyone would like to join a list of the servers can be found here: The PadShack

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    Small Update *1*

    I didn't like how the original diaper looked so I am remaking it. SO far it looks like this:

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    Update #2

    Ok I have coded some thing that allows you to rob the bank on the server. It gains money over time and it spawns cop npcs when the roberry starts. Music will play and such as well. I was trying to make it like a pay day heist, but I still need to add some more stuff. Like a drill that jams and stuff.

    I am also making a Jail break server.

    I am also looking for admins on the TF2 server and also the Jail break server. The jail break server is not up yet, but If everything is running smoothly it should be up by tomorrow.

    I have made a youtube channel to feature some things on the server. It can be found here: ThePadShack - YouTube

    If you want to stay up to date with ease you can go here: Steam Community :: Group :: ThePadShack

    Also here is the loading screen I have as of right now. I am tired, and was being random:

    Tell me what you think. it took me a hour to render the background in Cinema 4D.

    Now if you have never played jailbreak before let me explain. Basically jail break is what it says. You can play as a prisoner or a guard. The warden controls all of what you do, and the whole objective of the prisoners is to basically follow rules, while trying to escape jail.

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    Oh I am so joining!! Its nice to see someone is maintaining the servers.

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    I'm up for a deathmatch on TF2 with other fellow DLs. So, do I have to search "The Pad Shack" server to join?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel8964 View Post
    I'm up for a deathmatch on TF2 with other fellow DLs. So, do I have to search "The Pad Shack" server to join?
    Yea, just look for the padshack, or type in "connect" in console. I hae been tring to think of ways to make the server more, idk child like. TF2 is already cartoony funny, but it seems like its missing something to me.

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    I do play TF2 quite a bit. How have you modded the game to make it more AB/DL/BF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyLink View Post
    I do play TF2 quite a bit. How have you modded the game to make it more AB/DL/BF?
    I have only made the garrys mod server more abdl friendly like. I honestly don't know how to make the tf2 server like that. I have a couple of ideas, but they seem really stupid to me.

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