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Thread: crawling vs walking

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    Default crawling vs walking

    I was just wondering if you guys prefer to walk in a diaper or crawl? I just feel like crawling really emphasizes your dependency. It makes me feel like i need someone to care for me

    thoughts, opinions..?

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    I like both. crawling when I am real need of some real loving baby care , walking like a child just learning to walk. I need an adult size baby walker.

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    Crawling has its place. I enjoy it when applicable. I see crawling as more of a submissive, adult gesture. Most of the time I get around by walking.

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    Both! Mostly walking though. Since I still live with my parents, I can really only crawl around my room.... And the hallway if no ones home.

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    I've never really tried crawling, I think the floor's dirty anyway...

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    I myself sometimes crawl on "all fours" after waking up in the morning in my totally flooded nighttime diaper & plastic pants into the bathroom to "shower" & re-diaper myself.

    With my Cerebral Palsy, it is @ times "safer" for me to crawl on "all fours", if the hallway outside my bedroom is cluttered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcusDaBear View Post
    Beep, beep, motherfucker!

    ROFL!!! I thought of Bruce Willis movie quote of "yipe-kiya__ ___". But the car was funny!
    Anyhow, on topic, I prefer to walk. With a thick diaper on, a waddle is more noticeable than when one is crawling.

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    I do both, but I only crawl when I'm alone in the house. Even though, I like crawling in a diaper better than walking in one.

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