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Thread: damn i love buying diapers!!! (lol)

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    Default damn i love buying diapers!!! (lol)

    ok, well tonight, i rode my mountain bike like 8 miles to the walgreens i buy diapers from. i order online, i get Tranquility ATN, but i use Depends Max as stuffers. ok, so i just got some early B-day money, and im in the store. i walk straight to the diaper aisle, grab some medium depends. i then go and get a box of suppositories, some Ky lube, and then go up to the front. the cashier was fine, and well i ask if she had any High strength tape. she said she didn't know, but then i thought about athletic tape. so i go and get four rolls, and go up to the front. now this girl was tired, drinking monster, and trying to make it thru her shift. i put the diapers down, then the tape, the suppositories, and then the lube. as she was ringing them up (looking like :dodgy, she looked up at me, and i had a really nervous face (). she asked me if i was alright, and all i said was, "My Girlfriend is real into role-playing." She gave me the dirtiest, most confused look i have ever seen, a combo of :dodgy:and i walked out with a strait face. as soon as i got outside, i just started cracking up

    edit: and no, this isn't my first time buying

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    Dude, you rock! A little over the top, I know, but I can imagine the look on her face when you said that O.o

    Good Job!

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    god i was so estatic riding home. just laughing. light rain, but oh my god it was so worth it.

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    Yeah her face had to have been priceless. Even My face would have been priceless too if a 14 year old told me that. lol.

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    Haha, that's awesome! I wish I could have seen her face. Wow!

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    I think it's really healthy that you can joke around like that! It shows you are confident in who you are. Honestly, there is no shame in having a fetish and let's face it, from the outside looking in, it is hillarious.

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    Next time just get condoms lube a paci a large bottle of coke a banana and the latest issue of A girly magazine some panties A Swimsuit the size of a fat man a bunch of suppository and ect ect. as musch creepy and weird stuff.

    Freak them out. And say that.

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    To bad you didnt get a picture of that the look must be priceless, good to hear you had fun.

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