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Thread: Well Koala Bear Kare just got dark.

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    Default Well Koala Bear Kare just got dark.

    As if public diaper changes aren't traumatic enough?

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    Aww, what a cute little koala!


    ... Huh.

    Hey, look.
    There´s a letter missing.

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    Oh, my! That is quite a bit darker, for one lost letter. I've mentioned on here before that it was looking at a change table in a public washroom that awakened my AB feelings. If I'd seen this particular table, things might have ended up very differently.

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    o-oh no, i feel really bad for laughing as much as i did at that. ;u;

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    I was looking for a link to number 5 here but found a heap more so here's a like to the whole page: The Funniest Baby Changing Station Graffiti

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    Yep that made me laugh! Thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowHare View Post
    Hey, look.
    There´s a letter missing.
    lol I was wondering what was wrong with the picture. Then I read this.

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    Ha! What a difference one little letter can make.

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    Not good real bad...what do you hang them by?

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