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Thread: I was afraid of others finding out that I needed to wear diapers.

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    Default I was afraid of others finding out that I needed to wear diapers.

    Over the years I have had to many times that I have wet my pants just because I was afraid of others finding out that I needed to wear diapers. This wasn't unfounded I have worn to work before and had mixed reactions. Some would ask why and took the explanation, others who had spotted the diaper would tell others and have a good laugh. That reminded me of kids on the play ground laughing at me when I wet my pants at school. Because of the laughing I stopped wearing diapers to work and always had another pair of pants and underwear with me.

    Never could figure out why some people find the misinformation of others as a joke. I have had Urge IC all my life and it not a laughing matter.

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    What I did the last 5 years that I worked I wore female IC pads inside my undies. The pad would catch my dribbles until I could get to the restroom. I usually wore the maximum size.
    That way if they got a full wetting they wouldn't bulge to much in front. If I could control the flow they wouldn't leak. I preferred them over male guards.

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    Are grown ups still that immature about diapers? I would expect it in high school and under but not in adulthood. From my experience no one has ever laughed at me nor said anything about it.

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