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Thread: Little to no awareness when I wet & soil my diaper(s)

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    Default Little to no awareness when I wet & soil my diaper(s)

    As an Autistic, I have little to no self-awareness of being wet & or messy or both, unless I am leaking out the sides of my diaper(s).

    Am I the only person with this issue?

    Low bodily self-awareness is pretty common among us Autistics.


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    A lot of times when I'm wetting it happens to me. The other morning I was not fully a wake yet and realized that I was messing. It could be the part of the brain that is affected by the autism. I lso have epilepsy so that is a double whammy for me.

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    Well, I'm pretty much aware when I'm wetting or messing. It's either my bladder or my bowels spazing out. That being said I can be so busy at times that it doesn't register until much later and, with a good diaper on, I sometimes don't even know if I'm wet or not. In other words, I was probably aware of it happening, but it didn't really register upstairs so I would not have a good memory of it. To be perfectly blunt, I wish I did not know when I was wetting or messing because the fight that goes on between the smooth muscles in my bladder (or bowels) and my sphincters drives me absolutely crazy.

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    You are not alone.

    I am medically fecal incontinent, but not urinary incontinent. Sometimes I get warning of a bowel movement and can make it to a toilet in time, but often not. Upon occasion I have insensate defecation - that is when a bowl movement already has begun before I even become aware of it. By then there is nothing I can do except attempt to conceal it and find a place to change my diaper.


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