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Thread: Atheists, Do You Wish an Afterlife Exists?

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    Default Atheists, Do You Wish an Afterlife Exists?

    I have no faith in a deity or an afterlife. However, the idea of spending eternity in the same state one was before they were conceived is quite a depressing notion. In the state, theoretically, one would not be depressed, bored, or anything of the sort, however, the idea that this life will ultimately end in eternal and complete calignosity makes me wish life wasn't just all there is. Granted, I'd take an incomprehensible nothingness over quite a few other suggested postmortem results, but still, an afterlife would be nice. It seems better initially to feel even pain than nothing at all.

    Do you wish, or hope, that an afterlife exists? Even if you don't believe it does?

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    It is worth noting that there are belief systems that are atheistic that support the notion of an afterlife - sometimes through mechanisms like reincarnation. Buddhism is a great example of that.

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    I don't care. Death means that all of my senses will cease to exist. This means that I will not be able to be aware of anything happening. Sitting around in pure darkness forever isn't so bad if I don't even know it's happening.

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    Uh, to be honest, Im already starting to get tired of existing, and being forced to keep living, even after death, does not sound like paradise to me. Not at all.

    Sure, being in a peaceful place, free of depression, sadness and pain seems nice, but in the end,
    I think Id just be haunted by the question: What the duck did I suffer for?!
    All those years, all those experiences, everything just to ultimately end up in a place where everything is simply perfect? Great.
    Paying my bills, and keeping myself from becoming a drug addict, or committing suicide was totally worth it.

    I have to say though, that there are a few people Id like to see again.
    So, if "Afterlife" means being able to talk to them again... well, that would be great.

    Final conclusion:
    I dont wish for an afterlife, but if there is something like that (something other than hell...), I think I could get used to it. Over time.
    (Id still yell at the perverted creature responsible for all this :3)

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    To quote Jim Jeffries - "I don't care how blissful it is, it's eternal, you'll get used to it and then you'll be [expletive] bored".

    More seriously, no, I don't want an afterlife. I'm made of star dust, recycled over billions and billions of year. That matter is only "me" temporarily. I've only borrowed it, so seems only fair to give it back and let something else have a go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pirouette View Post
    It is worth noting that there are belief systems that are atheistic that support the notion of an afterlife - sometimes through mechanisms like reincarnation. Buddhism is a great example of that.
    Buddhism isn't entirely atheistic, especially if you look at theravada buddhism (most popular in SE-Asia) where the Buddha is revered to and "worshipped" not unlike a deity.
    Besides buddhism in general, is not free from dogmatic practices at any rate (even though the core of the buddhistic philosophy quite likely is as free as it gets, but the individual schools certainly aren't).
    In most of the larger buddhist "schools" like mahayana, theravada, etc. there's usually several practices that include rituals of "worship" to some degree, there is a lot of raising of the buddhas & bodhisatvas to god-like beings. I am not saying it's the same as in the christian, islamic, etc. cultures, but it's not that different in the end.

    Tibetan buddhism especially knows a system of like a Hell (really not much unlike a hell from dante's inferno) - where depending on your Karma you will live through a lot of gruesome punishments - the main difference with the christian hell though is, that you free yourself from it once your bad karma has been purged, where as in christian believes only god can eventually save your soul from internal damnation in hell, purgatory, etc.
    But none the less, there are striking similarities.

    that aside, I'm not theistic in any way, I don't believe in any after life.
    and I certainly don't care.

    Life's last big mystery to all of us, scientists and religious scholars alike. no one knows what the old friend death will bring.
    And if there's anything to find out - we all eventually will.
    So why worry about something that I have absolutely no control or influence over, that I anyhow will find out - if there's anything to find out.
    So to me, whatever happens once I'm dead has no influence over my current life - it doesn't change anything.
    Also why try to believe in afterlife or whatever when all it will ever remain until death does come is a believe. nothing more, nothing less.

    I do believe in one thing though: death comes to us all. And I want to live my life in a manner that when death comes to me tomorrow or tonight, I have done my best to live my life in a way I find fulfilling and meaningful in the sense that I have tried to do what I want, have been here for those whom I care about and gotten most out of what I had to "play" with.

    Seriously, I love life, and death to me is just a part of this. I see no reason to be afraid of my own ending. Its unavoidable. And no system of believe, no imaginative afterlife, etc. will make it worse or better. it just is.

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    A "spectate mode" would be nice, as there's a lot I would like to see happen. I would love to see how society changes, what incredible new inventions are fabricated, and what our current generation's legacy will be. Then again, I won't really care either way when I die.

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    No, I am solid with my reasoning and it tells me that it doesn't exist and that I do not require it anyway.

    I am happy in knowing that I am made of star dust, and even happier to know that it
    has been scientifically proven to a degree that I think it is so.

    A question such as this IMHO is the type that a theist would ask of an atheist, not to say that it
    wouldn't be a good question for debate though.

    With that having been said....I have not judged you in any way, nor will I.

    And here is a link to just a debate, I hope you all enjoy and have time to watch it, because it is a bit long, but then again it does have Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens involved in the discussion, and as a side note it was one of the last debates that Christopher ever did and one of his best. If nothing else watch at least the last 45 minutes and you will see Christopher hold nothing back and do what he did so well.

    Is there an afterlife? (FULL DEBATE) - YouTube

    If you haven't seen this one before than you owe to yourself to watch it in it's entirety.

    And as for a near death experience, puhlease, I think we need to talk rabbi...just watch the video and you will see what I mean.
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    Personally I don't believe in an afterlife. However even if there was some post life existence it wouldn't prove the existence of god or any other religious belief, it could merely be the next level of ascension and scientifically explainable.

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    I think the idea of an afterlife is incoherent. So I don't know how to answer the question whether I'd want an afterlife. To me, it's like trying to decide whether I want my coffee mug to be in the shape of a circular square.

    Whether I'd want to be immortal is another question. One of the problems with immortality is that we have finite memory. At some point, either we'd stop forming new memories, or we'd have to start forgetting old ones. As we got older, we'd remember an increasingly small sliver of the lives we'd experienced.

    So I think my answer is that I want to live as long as I can in good health, but I wouldn't want to live forever.

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