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Thread: accpectance from my best friend

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    Default accpectance from my best friend

    So the other night me and my friend went out drinking and I told him about my abdl stuff. He had already known I had a diaper fetish. So when I invited him over to come drinking for the second time he was a bit more interested it what this ab dl stuff was. So we sat down and talked I basicly explained it. He became so comfortable with it and had the thought if your hurting no one or your self who cares what your doing. He then later was intersted in what exactly this was all about and what stuff is involed so I decided to show him my diaper stash and pacifers. He had several more question which I then promptly awnsered. When he saw my pacifers hes like I wanna see you in one. I was immeditaly taken back and did not expect to hear that. My first thought was NO ONE has ever seen me in a pacifer or a diaper except my dad who hates it with a passion. So I became really nervous and said no as I was to scared of what would happen. But I also relized at this point he was accepting who I was and could care less about my baby stuff. By the end of the night I had my pacifer in because I trust my friend as I have known him sense high school. Which takes me back a bit the fact that i told him about my fetish back in high school was a big deal. ANY WHO back on topic. So by the end of the night i was using my paci and to my suprise he was comfortable about it. At one point we got started talking about all the abdl stuff and one of my diapers was infront of me and we ended up about talking about it. I think we were talking about how diapers are different from others (I currently have molicare plus). He jokingly said you should put this on. I became very deffensive and said no. But then again he could care less. So that was basicly the night in a nut shell. By the time we went to bed I had grabbed a diaper and diapered my self cause I knew he could care less. So we went to sleep and woke up the next morning and we were laying down watching a few tv shows before doing other shiz. Well i was wearing no shirt and when he looked over at me he saw my diaper and said heh I thought i heard something like a diaper when you walked in last night. The wierd thing was I was really cool with it didn't blush or any thing. he was so cool with what was going on it made it a lot easier to handle it.

    So ya that was my friend accepting my abdl side to beyond messures i thought no one ever would Im so happy is cool with me being a ab around him

    I have told him i never want him to change me as it would probly become sexual and I really don't want that.

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    That's great. It's always nice to hear when your friends support you.

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    I'm glad you got a good supporting friend. Just don't over do it and lose the friendship.

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    Congratulations, friends like that are hard to find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72 View Post
    I'm glad you got a good supporting friend. Just don't over do it and lose the friendship.
    ill remeber this

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    Correct me if Im wrong, but it sounds like your already sleeping with him. You didn't mention he was a roommate, but did mention that you both went to bed, and in the morning stated you were both lying down (assuming in the same bed). So, perhaps its already leaning that way, or perhaps he wants to take it to that level.

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    Yeah, I wondered about that as well. I told the guy who was my college room mate and SO when in college about 5 years ago. I was telling him about a blog site I was on and he wanted to know which one. One thing led to another. He was cool about it and accepting, but I knew he would be. After all, we had been intimate for more than 3 years. He's supposed to come out and visit this fall, so that should be interesting.

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    HEH didn't relize i was putting off that kind of vibe but no

    im not gay nor is he my "boyfriend" he is my best friend

    he was sleeping on floor whilest i was in my bed

    also he is engaged :| (to his wife)

    he was over at my house because we were parting and he was freaking wasted so ya

    was a good night.

    i have no lovey douby shit towards him

    i also dont take your comments offensive i should of probly speicifed.


    he was spending the night in same room as me because it was the only room with ac LOL

    PS PS

    ive known this guy since i was 12 so we are good friend i am 21 now so its good to have school friends still as a 21 yrold

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