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Thread: Help smuggling pacifier through airport security

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    Default Help smuggling pacifier through airport security

    Hey everyone, 29 year old adult baby desperately looking for some creative thought and advice.

    I have a nuk 5 pacifier (all white) , onsie and diapers at home. I love my binky but travel quite often and only get to use my nuk 5, onsie and diapers every two weeks. I work away from home, known as fly in fly out. I fly to my work place and spend 11 days away from home before flying back and spending three days at home, after the three days I then fly back to work. All my adult baby gear stays at home except a nuk 3 binky which currently travels with me on carry on. I do not travel with any checked in luggage as all my clothing, toiletries etc remain at my work accomodation.

    The problem:
    I like to sleep with a binky and the Nuk 3 just doesn't compare to a nuk 5. I am keen to buy a second Nuk 5 and keep it hidden at my work accomodation.
    Three weeks ago I was flying back home and had my nuk 3 safely tucked away in the depths of my backpack. Before going through check in, a few workmates and myself relaxed at the airport coffee shop and had something to eat before proceeding through screening.
    We got to screening and to my nervous surprise I was pulled aside and my bag searched while friends, colleagues and other passengers walked past behind me. The security attendant said it looked like I had something v shaped and metallic like scissors and at once I knew it was the silly liitle tripod I keep for my portable camera. Nevertheless the attendant proceeded to pull everthing out my bag including to my embarrassment my nuk 3 binky in clear view of everyone! All I could do was stand red faced and pretend it was from one of my nephews or possibly from a child of my own if noone was the wiser. I may have imagined it but am pretty certain the guy paused for the briefest moment when he pulled it out to give it consideration.

    The dilemma:
    I want to bring a Nuk 5 with me but what if I get caught with it, how do I explain?
    I was thinking about buying a custom guard nuk 5 and bringing the white nuk 5 with me as it is at least not as babyish. I was also thinking I could maybe keep it in my pocket or even hide it in my underwear going through check in. However if they see something in my pockets when I walk through the scanner and ask me to empty my pockets, won't this be even worse?

    What's your thoughts. How best can I get my Nuk 5 safely through the airport, and what is a very good excuse to give work colleagues (main concern) and airport security if it is discovered?

    Ps the silly tripod no longer travels with me.

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    Buy A Pacifier for your work place and keep it there and keep one at home so you are never with out your pacifier to suck on at your work place or at home and I would not try to smuggle a pacifier though airport security do what I said and everything will be all right!

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    Bring it. If someone asks, it's because you grind your teeth in your sleep.

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    Just bring it in the bag, the normal way. It isn't an illegial or forbidden item, so you can't get in trouble for having it. Plus, despite it being a harmless item, you'd look a little suspicious having it found as a hidden item.

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    First get some c4 and rub on a piece of fabric...the seal in a ziplock Baggie...

    When in line at the airport put the bag in someone ahead of won't get searched...they'll be busy!


    Just put it your regular luggage and check's not illegal, forbidden or anything..

    If you only have a carry on bag...just put it in a Baggie...not the one with c4 in it (Key Note There!)...just toss it in the bag...not anyone going to even recognize its bigger than a regular one...use two to obscure it more if ou like...



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    Options, in order of preference:
    Buy another and keep one at both locations so you won't have to carry it around.

    Put it in a clear bag and place it in your carry on. The clear bag in case security handles it. They touch so many things, you don't want them handling it directly.

    If asked about it, say it is for a snoring problem. If they press you, look straight into their eyes, and in a confident voice, say you enjoy sucking on it when you sleep. If they still don't believe you, pull it out of the bag and plop it into your mouth.

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    Haha, thanks B. The fabric idea is pretty funny.
    Thanks guys. I will bring it through my carry on when I next fly up. I know its not illegal or anything, I'm just a bit on edge after the nuk 3 discovery. Once it is up here on site I can leave it here and eventually bring it back with me in my checked in luggage.

    The grinding teeth excuse is pretty good, especially since I will probably explain through clenched teeth and a red face if I do happen to get asked.

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    Btw: I seriously doubt you'd ever be asked about an item that is not restricted or illegal...I know the Terable Stupid Assholes (TSA) are a pain but even they have better things to do...


    P.s. I did the rub the suitcase trick to my brother way back in like 92 or so...I rubbed petn on his suitcase...never detected at all...

    Btw: He has a explosives license for his, noting was illegal per se, but I wish they would have detected was going to be the second prank I played on the wedding/honeymoon...
    The other one was I stole his truck, he was worried for a while, the a limo arrived and took him to the airport with his luggage...

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    The teeth grinding excuse might not be the best as it might make them think you are a drug (ecstasy) user.

    Security will *not* ask you about a pacifier. And if they do, just say anything (that doesn't imply you use drugs and/or are a threat to national security) and it will satisfy them. TSA agents just don't care about your private life.

    If you are really paranoid about your co-workers finding your Nuk just ask for a private screening if security ever wants to go through your bags. But whatever you do, do not leave your Nuk in your pockets or underwear. It will just make you look suspicious (yay, extra screening for drugs!)

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    I Travel a Lot work related myself... And due to my incontinence I carry Ic products around in my carry on luggage.
    I rarely get searched as I take great care not to have anything in my bag that does trigger security protocols. None the less, once in a while they want to search my bags,
    My solution is simple: I ask for a private screening. Thus medical supplies don't get revealed to the general public.

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