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Thread: Sleepwalk...

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    Default Sleepwalk...

    No, not the song...

    So, does anyone sleepwalk on here...

    I do especially if sleep deprived and then get to sleep without pains waking me up...

    So not too often lately...not been getting more than about an hour at a time.

    How 'bout you?


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    Cool song - santo and johnny.
    Actually when I was a kid maybe, at least thats what I'm told. The thing is I did once in a diaper when my gran was over but she said nothing about the diaper. She was up making a cup of tea in the middle of the night. Lol apparently she spoke to me but it's all a mystery to me. I can only guess she was half blind without her glasses. I know i freaked out when she told me. OMG was that the only time?
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    I have had some bouts with sleepwalking. In college, my roommate who had never seen a sleepwalker before thought I was going to murder him because I can also sleep talk (but it's generally not very coherent). Lately I build things in my sleep, like stacking kitchen chairs or pillow pyramids. Thank god I've never left the house that I know of. It's usually worst when I'm stressed out and not getting enough sleep.

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    When I was a kid I sleepwalked all the time. I had ridiculous sleep issues, and the only good that came of all my sleep troubles is that I could lucid dream since I was little. (realizing you're in a dream while dreaming, and thus, purposefully flying, for example.) I still sleep-talk quite a bit. I used to wet the bed as a child but stopped around age eleven. And I used to get sleep-paralysis very very often as a child and about twice a year now as an adult.

    In college I got sleep paralysis all the time! It's crazy if you ever had it happen - you're paralyzed obviously, and your brain makes you hallucinate but while awake. So it starts dreams, but you're actually awake. This makes you see very scary things (nightmares), normally, but you can't do anything because you can't move and it's hard to wake yourself up.

    Sleepwalking and all the other stuff I mentioned (aside from lucid dreams) are because of stress or anxiety. So if you're still sleepwalking, you might want to think what you're stressed about. Alternatively it could be a neurological issue where your brain doesn't paralyze you properly and you reenact your dreams. It could cause some really bad side effects.


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    I sleepwalked twice, and I remember both times. I was around ten-eleven years old. The first time I was trying to open the locked front door, and I said something to my mother about liking the sound it was making. The second time I just remember walking back to my room, and my mom asking me if I had to use the bathroom. I said no, although then I realized I kinda had to, but went back to bed anyway.

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    Yes, I've had sleep paralysis as well...

    I have quite a few neurological fact I have an appoint with my neurologist tomorrow...

    Yes I still sleepwalk...and there are only nightmares or night terror that I can ever remember...

    Oh if Freud was still around...

    And yes, I sometimes will make a pizza or sandwich when sleep walking...and I have and still sometimes leave the house...even in the winter a few least I haven't been driving which I've heard is possible...

    Lately I've been getting hurt on something...lost part of a toe nail...couple other minor things...

    Usually, I'll just go to another room, or just be seen staring out a window at nothing...

    I was told that I went to the bathroom and went pee, opened the toilet etc...but still wearing a diaper and Footies, my gf was like what's up? I guess I rambled some jibberish and she walked with me to bed...

    Actually last nite I went to bed wearing my red airplane Footies...woke up with me blue Footies on...

    I'm sorta happy that others do this as well...


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    I've never sleepwalked and would feel scared if I did to be honest. My brother used to all the time but he used to go wander off to the kitchen and try to make breakfast. My mom used to come home from nightshift and find eggs and stuff beat up over the floor or the bread all over the cupboards. I thought it was funny but a bit of waste of food.

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    I too do the food thing...which is odd...I really hate cooking!

    Yes when I was a kid I used to sleepwalk and wreck stuff...parents eventually just locked the door...I guess it kept stuff from getting broken...

    I'm usually worried about things when I do...I've not had any major issues...but at my friends house on a lake I was out on the ice...fortunate it was thick enough...I hoped I'd wake up in freezing water, but I've had some fairly large bruises and scrapes and cuts that hurt the next day and I don't remember getting...


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    The worst part is finding out you were doing it and not having the slightest memory.

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    I had one sleepwalking episode as a kid. I was trying to get out the front door and luckily, my parents were still awake and stopped me. Unfortunately, I was so persistent, the only way they could think of to stop me was to wake me up and that was pretty freaky and unpleasant for no clear reason I could identify.

    The real reason I posted here is because reading this thread has given me a paranoid notion that I might one day repeat my attempt to go out, and since I live alone, there would be no one to stop me. This would be bad enough, but what is really preying on my mind is that in this very unlikely circumstance, I might also be diapered. /shudder

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