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Thread: Your favourite Pokemon in diapers

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    Default Your favourite Pokemon in diapers

    Hey there, guys. I have been away for quite sometime, and I have left this thread a bit neglected. It was especially unfair for me to not have kept it going to make sure it didn't close, but at least I remembered. As such, this revised thread will be remade and should hopefully be seeing some action in the future.

    Anywho, what was this thread about?

    Recently, I've gotten back into a Pokemon mood and have even drawn not only my favourite Pokemon Swampert in diapers Click image for larger version. 

Name:	swampertADISCcolour3.png 
Views:	7580 
Size:	139.8 KB 
ID:	17756 but also a Snivy in diapers Click image for larger version. 

Name:	snivyADISC3.png 
Views:	3808 
Size:	103.7 KB 
ID:	17757 for another member on the site. Seeing how other members of the site seem to be Pokemon fans, I have decided to make my services available for free.

    Yes, if you wish to have your favourite Pokemon drawn in diapers, I will be more than willing to give it a shot. There is, however, a few rules I must put forward:

    #1 - A total of 5 slots available. I have often put myself in a tight spot by not moderating art requests. This will help to keep my workload minimal, and give me time to work on them when I can. When one request is finished, I will open a slot for another request.
    #2 - Only one drawing for each member. Every member should have the chance, so no hogging. However, I will allow another Pokemon to be requested by a member who already got one after a certain period has passed.
    #3 - Only two drawings for each Pokemon. By two I mean a shiny version and a non-shiny version. You can only choose one version when you request a Pokemon to be in diapers, so choose wisely.
    #4 - No Pokesona requests. I will only be drawing Pokemon as they appear in the franchise (Shiny and Non-Shiny), not as your personal Pokemon looks like (i.e. no additional clothing, not unique marks, etc)
    #5 - No added fetishes in the request. As is the site's rule, keep it PG and don't ask for anything sexual or something overly kinky.

    Other than those rules, feel free to be creative with your request. Wet, messy, pacifier included or specific diaper decals. It is all up to you. I hope some of you are interested, and I'll do my best to please.

    1. Charizard (Shiny/Wet) for MegaChar
    2. Combusken (Dry/Pacifier) for Braddeh
    3. Pichu (Wet/Bottle) for Saria
    4. Growlithe for FauxPas
    5. Magikarp for ShadowHare

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    How about Flygon in diapers? If you don't mind? :O I think Flygon would be really cute with a pacifier and a diaper. <3

    Wait... I just noticed you have only five slots... damn. ._.

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    I want my magikarp!
    I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it!
    I´ll hold my breath now, until you´re done!
    ... Hurry...

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    What is going on with me?! Urgh, yet another update, guys.

    I have just begun my 2nd semester of univeristy, so this is probably going to be delayed AGAIN unless I can manage to organize my time a bit better. Until then, I hope you can all be patient as I try to find time within my life to try and get some done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagged View Post
    -pop- ...
    Aw, too bad.
    Oh well, take your time, and focus on the important stuff first. Diaper-Pokemon-art can wait :3
    ... Huh, never thought I´d say something like that.

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    I've always been a huge Squirtle fan. A Squirtle in a wet diaper would be cool, if there are still slots available,

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    Am I allowed to go the generic route and say either Riolu or Lucario? I know they're essentially the universal standard when it comes to Pokemon Rule34, but I'm more in it for the cuteness factor. Plus their character models look cool. Gotta be a reason why they're so popular, right?

    If no, maybe Abra. Also a very, very cute Mon.

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