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Thread: Thinking about wearing full time - thoughts?

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    Default Thinking about wearing full time - thoughts?

    OK - So I've been wearing (Abena M4s) a lot lately, though I still haven't done more than 5 or 6 hours in a row.

    I love the padding, the feel of being wet, the sound, etc. I don't even mind if people notice that I'm wearing because I'm confident enough with it that I really just don't care.

    I'm thinking about trying a week or so of wearing around the clock, and maybe keeping going after that.

    Who has done this? Thoughts? Things to watch out for?

    Thanks guys! :-)

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    I generally wear a diaper only several times a week, but once in a while and I will wear continously for about 48 hours. I have never gone longer.

    All I can say is pick a time and date and go for it. If this was me, I would go for a more modest time period - say 24 or 48 hours. Then maybe add another couple of hours at every diaper change if you feel like it.

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    Everyone folds and tries this at one point or another.

    Here's some tips to make it more enjoyable:

    Use Lotion/Barrier Cream. (This will reduce the chances of rashes, as well as cut down on the "Wet Skin" feeling. Johnson's is a good lotion, and Desitin is the gold standard for barrier cream)

    Invest in some diaper disposal bags, as they'll prevent your house from smelling like wet diaper all week. (Alternatively, you can use Baking Soda, and put about a Tbps into the diaper before folding it up. This can be used by itself or even with bags, if you have a bi-weekly trash run)

    Stay Hydrated. At least 2 quarts of non-caffeinated fluid a day. (Water is preferable, the reason for this is so that you urine smells less, and will also be less caustic, preventing rashes)

    Change at least twice a day. (Sure, everyone likes to try and see how far they can push a diaper, but it gets really funky, and promotes skin irritation after prolonged exposure.)

    Shower Daily. (This will give your skin time to breath, and also ensure cleanliness)

    Have fun! (Don't force yourself to do anything just because you want to try it out. It's all about personal enjoyment, and if you're feeling off about it, don't keep doing it.)

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    I doubt you'll love the feeling of being wet when you go 24/7 for even a week. I did once while using the potty for poop and I developed a really big appreciation for being dry.

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