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Thread: First (but not last) Very. Embarrassing. Moment.

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    Default First (but not last) Very. Embarrassing. Moment.

    So I am in a Women's Room, changing my diaper, which is always dicey enough. I hate the noise the tapes make; I hate the knowledge that whoever is in the next stall knows. (I tell myself that she is just assuming it is a very odd sanitary napkin being unraveled in that stall...)


    I scoped out where the wastebasket is when I came in, as I always do. But, as I am changing, I start hearing the door open...again and again and again and again...and the voices are talking: there is a huge line growing inside the room. And I know right where it is going to be: in front of that wastebasket. I put my fresh diaper on, straighten my skirt, roll up the used diaper and put it into my purse, where it is going to show no matter what I do but not much if I am nonchalant, and stroll out.

    I move toward the sink, edge between two women in line, wash my hands, reach for paper towels, dry my hands, then casually reach into my purse and remove the diaper and drop it, along with the paper towels, into the trash, aware the entire time of the woman next to me as she watches the whole procedure.

    I step back out of line and leave the women's room.

    What the hell, I tell myself. It had to be done. I'll never see her again, anyway.


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    You have nothing to be embarrased about. You're an IC who needs to do your business. I'm not IC but I don't get embarrased about doing my business (non diaper), so you shouldn't either.

    You did the right thing. Just look confident and nonchalant and no one is going to think anything about it. Even if they do, that is their issue, not yours.

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    Yeah, that's pretty much what I figured. At some point I just have to stop worrying about what the rest of the word thinks, right?

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    Right on. I spent a good portion of my life worrying about what other people think and all it did was just cause me mental anguish. I just try to no longer worry about what others think.

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    It's nothing to be embarrassed about. People are going to give dirty looks to anything that makes no sense to them. Take it from someone who has autism. I get dirty looks and rude remarks because of my meltdowns. Everyone thinks I'm misbehaving, but I could be melting down because of something else entirely. There's always going to be someone who's going to look at you strangely. You can blame society for that. :/

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    One of my greater concerns is going back to work in the fall.

    I'm a teacher, and I did not have to deal with this much this year before school got out in June. But when things start up again--assuming everything remains as it is--I will be dealing every day with diapers and spending a lot of time (if not all the time) concerned that some random high school kid might find out. It may not be their business, but I suspect my authority might be slightly undermined if they knew teacher was wearing diapers...


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    Yes, I guess that could be worrysome. Some high school kids would probably try to make something of it but I would hope that the majority would be a little more mature.

    Might be good to try and come up with possible responses ahead of time, in case you "get caught".

    How about trying to find clothes that look professional but also are good at hiding your "IC apparel". This should at least minimize the risk.

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    I totally hear you on the stalls and the noise, I get nervous too and worked up everytime. I always tell myself I won't see them again too, it makes the whole procrdure smoother. I go in and get it done as fast as I can, the longer you wait flushing to hamper.the noise the more nervous you will be about people in the room at least thats what I tell myself. It also helps if you go and get colored bags to put them in, I got mine at the dollae store it helps alot to conceal when your throwing it away in the garbage. I hope that helps make it a little easier

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    I teach in a junior high school as a teacher assistant, but I understand the problem. I have found though, that when there is a genuine medical problems, the kids are usually there for you. Having to discipline a students sometimes changes those ground rules, so you will have to be careful. There's also PUL plastic pants to cover diapers and offer some protection. Plastic pants can get hot, but if you can control your classroom temperature, that shouldn't be a problem. You're gong to have to explore options.

    If you have a faculty bathroom, you could keep supplies in that bathroom in a bag marked, "Do Not Remove" or something like that. Don't put your name on it as students sometimes use faculty restrooms.

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    Thanks for the advice. I'm fortunate in that I do have some private space to store things. I could even, in a pinch, change in there. But that is still going to leave me with a lot of potential for discovery, and I guess it's just going to be something I will have to deal the IC itself.

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