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Thread: What do /you/ call diapers?

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    Default What do /you/ call diapers?

    We all call diapers different things. We have padding, nappies, diapers, crinkles, squishes, all of that. What do you guys call them? c:

    Also, please tell me what country/part of country you come from. Decided to turn this into a study of sorts so as to who says what where BUT ONLY IF YOU'RE COMFORTABLE WITH THAT, KAY????

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    Online, diapers. In real life I make an effort to call them nappies.

    I forbid myself from using 'padding', ugh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcusDaBear View Post

    Online, diapers. In real life I make an effort to call them nappies.
    Hehe, nappies is so cute in my opinion x3 Nappies and crinkles are my favorites, though I usually call them diapers :P

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    Both online and in real life I call them diapers, and yes I am from the UK. It feels more natural to me. :c

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    I always have and always will call them diapers. Live in North Texas.
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    Toast or Toastbrot (Toast bread - translated).

    We're kinda silly, I guess ^_-. No honestly, this is a kind of old running gag, since in our community a lot of people have been annoyed by those typical question like: "How to buy a bag of nappies" , "Where to buy them?!?". So folks reacted like: "Well how do you buy a bag of toast?!"
    (as far as I remember, since the Wiki is down right now.)
    Besides that... it's quite unsuspicious, if you're talking about toast.

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    Sometimes I can't help it and get cutesy and call them diapies. Mostly I would say diapers, I'm from U.S.

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    In real life, diapers, online, diapers or padding. I'm from the US.

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    I call them diapers and crinkles. I can't stand when people call them pampers, padding, or briefs. I like to call them by what they are. I had to get used to calling them pads or briefs when I worked as a CNA. It sucks that diapers are so taboo that people can't call them for what they are.

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