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    So... im not very good at making intros, and the rules thread... basically shot down everything id have normaly put in here... and id rather not break the rules on my first post since joining... like... ages ago...

    So Im Guba! Obviously im here becuase i have some kind of interest in diapers! (anyone who knows me outside of here already knowsw that though, and anyone here obviously could figure that out).

    Aside form padding, i also like to play magic the gathering, warhammer 40k, watch doctor who and stargate, and general jsut play games. Im here because im trying to find people who actually understand and can help me with... me... I cant really say much more then that without being borderlining on breaking the rules, but yeah! Mostly just looking for similar minded people! And not in a mate/boyfriend/girlfriend/benfits kind of way.

    Also as a side note, im a furry and a brony. I have an FA acocunt that also goes by gubaguy... but people could probbaly guess that :P.

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