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Thread: Drylife and Delivery

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    Angry Drylife and Delivery

    Hi guys, I realise that similar threads have been posted before but I need a rant.

    So I ordered a pack of Abri-form X-plus from Drylife the other day, this is the first time I have bought this brand of nappy, and the first time I have used this site.

    So, due to the fact that I still live with my mum, and my family don't know about my being an AB/DL, I have a friend that allows me to get my supplies delivered to her house. This is an absolute life saver for me, as it means I avoid so many awkward questions!

    Anyway, so I placed my order on the website, and was sure to put my address down as the billing address, and my friend's address down as the delivery address. My order arrived within a reasonable amount of time, but was delivered to my home address! When I got it the first thing I did was go online and look at my recent order and double check that I put the addresses down in the right boxes and I did, but it looks like Drylife completely ignored the address I had put down for delivery. Luckily enough I was home alone at the time so avoided awkward questions but dear God, what if I hadn't been??

    I am very tempted to send Drylife an email and ask them why they bother asking for delivery addresses if they are going to completely ignore them? Anyone else had any similar problems?

    Sorry for the rant guys, just needed to get it off my chest! On the plus side, I am very impressed with the product itself.

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    congratulations on a memorable close-call (you'll look back on this, one day, and laugh; or it'll be something to tell the grandkids )

    as for Drylife, well, such is why i don't buy from him/them (whatever they are, nowadays). if it's any comfort, after my being bitten [to be now twice shy], i paid him back gradely. you can count on some of that as being on your behalf.

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