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Thread: 10 Most Famous People You'd like to see as ABDL or DL's

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    Default 10 Most Famous People You'd like to see as ABDL or DL's

    ....and GO!

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    Well. I'm a DL. I love wearing diapers, but it's also a sexual fetish for me. Soooooooo

    1. Alex Morgan
    2. Anne Hathaway
    3. Alessandra Ambrosio
    4. Mila Kunis
    5. Sara Jean Underwood
    6. Brooklyn Decker
    7. Emma Watson
    8. Natalie Portman
    9. Jennifer Lawrence
    10. Olivia Munn

    And I've always wanted to see Taylor Swift in a diaper too.

    As I visualized this list in my head my diaper became a little more, uh, snug.

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    Off the top of my head, I'll just give my top three:

    Chris Pine
    Henry Cahill
    Stephen Amell

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    Part 1:
    Tom Daley
    Tom Hardy
    Russell Howard
    Zach Efron
    Tom Daley again come on he only wears speedos not really a push for him to wear a nappy

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    I assume that the above posters want to see celebs they fancy in diapers?
    Apologies if I have made an incorrect assumption.

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    None.... I like seeing them in movies and the rolls they play there

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    In no particular order:

    Andy Richter
    Nick Frost
    Eddie Trunk
    Jacob Wysocki
    Brett Kelly
    Jonah Hill
    Will Sasso
    Ragnar ţórhallsson

    .... I can't think of any more right now.

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    Interesting question...

    Back a number of years ago, Hollywood Actor, "Mickey Rooney" starred in a Spanish-made comedy farce, "La Vida Lacta", where he really did play an
    Adult Baby".

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    1. Paula Creamer
    2. Megan Fox
    3. Cote de Pablo
    4. Alex Morgan
    5. Kaley Cuoco
    6. Danica Patrick
    7. Kate Backinsale
    8. Natalie Portman

    Can't really think of anymore at the moment.

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    1.Vanessa Hudgens
    2.Megan Fox
    3.Selena Gomez
    4.Natalie Portman
    5.Mila Kunis
    Well I only have 5 famous people I wanted to see in diapers or being AB/DL.

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