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    So I think it's to the point where I should come put to y boyfriend. Now here's the odd part: I sometimes sleep with my binky in, when I don't have it in it's on the bed stand on my side of the bed. I have and wear footie pajamas to bed with him during the winter. I use baby powder scented deodorant. And when I came home today my sippy cup was sitting on the kitchen counter to be cleaned even though I had it hidden. I haven't worn diapers in front him but at this point it's about the only thing

    So I figure he HAS to at least suspect something but he hasn't brought anything up. I don't know what his opinion on abdl really is. We had seen a video on Tosh.0 that had an adult baby and he commented how it was weird. I think I should say something but I don't know how to bring it up or what to say. Maybe he doesn't suspect anything but I doubt that very much at this point.

    What should I do?

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    I don't know if I should say something or wait and see if he says something. I don't really feel I need him to participate I would be fine with being able to be diapered at home. I would even be fine with him accepting it and not wanting me to do it around him.

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    It's always better to come out to someone first than have them come to you about it. It's just always better that way. Obviously you need to do what is most comfortable for you personally, but in all honestly I would recommend you approach him about it before he asks you about it. Then you can do it on your own terms, in your own words.

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    So just now he asked about the sippy cup. Asked why I have one. I chickened put and said it was useful because it doesn't spill and because it's cute... did he really not add it all up or does he know and isn't asking it outright. Should I bring it up now? How should I even start?

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    coming out as a DL in my situ was a good decision! It was well received and I know I could never have kept such a part of me secret forever. I think he may know already, I say go for it. Good luck!

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    My friend thinks he probably knows as well. Which may be true since I can't believe someone notices a binky, footie PJ's, baby powder scented deodorant, and a sippy cup while knowing of the abdl community without realizing I'm abdl. I just don't how to actually bring it up.

    Because "hey hun, so you know all that baby stuff I have..." doesn't sou d like a good way to start.

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    If he knows about a sippy cup/binky, i doubt diapers would be much less surprising.

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    My thoughts are you need to decide if you can live your entire life with a partner without them knowing. I decided I couldn't and knew that I had to tell my wife (fiance at the time) about my AB side to be truly happy. I decided sooner the better because there never really will be a better time. If you think there is a chance he will not accept you for who you are, perhaps it is better you know that now rather then after devoting years into the relationship.

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    I do definitely feel I should talk to him about but I just don't know how to actually start. What I should say. Any ideas?

    - - - Updated - - -

    I know I can't keep going without him knowing. I hate having to hide this part of my life. But I'm admittedly embarrassed and afraid. I don't think that he'll leave me or anything like that.

    What should I say to start though?

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