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Thread: Ever worn cloth diapers?

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    Lil' Georgie

    Default Ever worn cloth diapers?

    I was just wondering, has anyone here ever worn cloth diapers? I know they aren't used as much anymore, but I wouldn't mind wearing cloth ones. ^^; I've worn them before, but I can't much, they're hard to get. What do you guys think?

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    I use snap on cloth diapers you can order cloth diapers on line.

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    I did, yes, when I was a young'in.

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    Ive worn them before it was kinda cool. Its hard to tell when you are wet because all of the wetness is pulled forward. Also you get to wear plastic pants which kinda get hot but its not too bad.

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    I haven't and I don't plan on doing so. Now I believe don't knock it til you try it but it just seems that disposable ones are better.

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    Not since I was 2 or 3 years old :P

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    I think cloth would be better for night just for the fact that I sleep on my side but not so good because of the absorbancy.

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    I haven't tried em because my parents don't know. It would be difficult to wash them. I will stick with disposibles.

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    baby kiffer


    My one cloth diaper is all I have.

    I think it is quite comfortable, actually, and I can add additional cloth "filler" when I want to...but you cannot wear them anywhere but inside your house. It is extremely obvious if you try to wear them under you regular day clothes...besides that, if you were to use them, you would have to carry your used diapers with you until you came back home and could put them in the washer.

    And about the takes forever to dry those darned things...IN THE DRYER!!! (don't ever let them air-dry, by the way, because bacteria accumulate)

    All-in-all, I suppose you could say that cloth diapers are only good for any "special" occasions (should you use them), in which you happen to have a lot of them (they're not cheap) and a good method of washing them...but if you are just wearing them (like me), they are AWSOME!

    ...but I must admit that I wouldn't mind trying disposables in the future...

    Don't plan on using cloth diapers, unless you can handle taking care of the washing...I can only get away with it, because my parents already know about it. (in fact, the cloth diaper was one of our first "negotiations")

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