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Thread: Baby Swings

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    Default Baby Swings

    This just crossed my mind. I don't think there is another open thread relating to this.

    Has anyone else ever gotten into a baby swing, when they weren't a baby. For example, at a park.

    I used to when I was younger. Wasn't a problem for me. I have always been small and skinny so I could just get in and get out when I wanted. It was fun!!! Of course nobody thought anything of it because a lot of people do it near me and it was just for some fun and laughs. This might have also been a factor in my *Bness.


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    I wish they would make them bigger for us adult toddles.

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    Never tried squeezing into a park baby swing, though just do a youtube search by "baby swing" to see that lots of teens and even some adults try. Add the "stuck" keyword to your "baby swing" search and you'll see a good number of them also get tightly wedged in the swing seat, some even requiring the rescue squad to free them.

    You're fortunate in that way to have a smaller build and able to get in and out without an embarrassing situation happen where you can't get yourself out without help. My preference in baby swings are the older Graco wind ups with canvas or vinyl seats used mainly indoors. I bought this one off ebay some weeks back: Vintage Graco Wind Up Baby Swing Swyngomatic Vinyl Seat Great for Reborn Doll | eBay


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    I've sat in the special needs swing a few times for fun...

    But, all the parks by me in the states have those rubber really small swings...

    In the u.k. They have the much bigger rectangle steel ones...

    Still not sure I'd fit...but I do not have hips at all...really none...

    I wear 36" jeans...and yes they tend to fall down...

    And I can easily slide a diaper off and back on again...


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    I myself may want one, but with any "special needs person" equipment, it would be "expensive".

    Disability Equipment Manufacturers really sock it to the disabled (& the government Health & Human Services Department), when it comes down to the "pricing" of something like this.

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    My ideal baby swing would be one of those plastic black ones with the harness in them in the lower area, only larger to fit an adult sizing, that'd be awesome :3

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    Special needs stuff seems to be expensive, but most of it is commercial grade equipment...

    Even commercial regular swings aren't cheap...

    I'm going to have to start cruising Craig's list ... Maybe?

    As for the plastic backed swings...

    That would need a serious frame under it...remember we ab's weigh ten times a real baby...or more!


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    I don't think I would like an actual baby swing. Even know i wouldnt, i would just be paranoid about hurting myself.

    I think I'll stick to the outdoor baby swings


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