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    I've only been on this site for about a week, so I never got to ask about this, but I'm wondering if anybody was watching Defiance, a sic-fi show which just completed it's first season. The reason I'm asking n is because there was a scene in the third show where a guy is having sex with a sex worker while wearing a diaper. It was about five minutes into the show and you could see these big safety pins on each side of the diaper. He exploded during the sex because of an alien virus but, man, what a way to go! Also, in the penultimate episode of the show, the mayor is bashing her opponent, saying if they want to suck their thumbs and wear a diaper, they should vote for her opponent. It may be a great show to start a drinking game where everyone has to drink up every time there is a diaper reference.

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    Being a bit of a sci-fi fan myself, I of course watched defiance - not bad

    But I have to fully disagree with you about one thing: definitely NOT a hell of a way to go
    (at least it would be among my less preferred ways)


    The diaper references... whilst a bit "odd" - it's by far not the only diaper reference out there on TV/films...
    The simpsons for example are known to have had a good number of them (including at least two episodes with home wearing diapers).
    A good number of other shows have had stuff like that too.

    I often just think that the writers are to some degree aware of this kind of fetish and most likely find it rather funny.

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