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Thread: word of advice: Cuddlz

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    Default word of advice: Cuddlz

    Do not, i repeat, DO NOT purchase their cloth diapers.. i bought one, took roughly 1 month to arrive, on top of the wait, they are very very poor quality and if you wet, even 1 wetting, it leaks right through the plastic backing on it. Very poor and i would advise you not to waste the like 45$ or however much it is on them.

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    Get in touch with Mark, the owner and he will see what took so long. You aren't in the UK so there would naturally be some wait for international shipping and customs clearance though. "It leaks through the plastic backing on it" So I assume you are talking about the all in ones? I had some, other than the difficulty with getting them dry sometimes, they weren't bad at all, and held a lot more than one wetting. I could get it to take about 5. I assume you just got a faulty one with a hole in the cover or something.

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    I live in UK they tend to deliver to me withing 2 days their disposable nappies are the best I've ever used though clothing sizes tend to vary I have their pjs the tops quite small but the bottoms quite big (think they overcompensate and think we are all supper padded) lol but a good company to deal with.

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    Did you break the fabric in yet? Cloth diapers are not absorbent until the are washed.

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    It'll take around six washings for your diaper to have it's full absorbency. Does your diaper have a PUL cover. If it does the PUL fabric is breathable so plastic pants are required.

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    I got a plastic pants with a cloth whinnie the pooh cover and i love them. The shipping took some time but that is because i'm in the US. Honestly, I'd buy from them again, but their only other cloth covered plastic pants is a Simpsons print, which doesn't really do it for my little side. I hope they come up with cuter stuff later. Meanwhile i just ordered from Dependeco an all in one diaper, and it is cuter than a baby tiger in a tuxedo. I'm freaking stoked!

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    Sorry you had such a bad experience. I wouldn't write Cuddlz off completely though. I purchased an all-in-one cloth velcro nappy last month (I'm guessing that's the same product?), it arrived the next day and I absolutely loved it. Even though I mostly wear it over a disposable for extra bulk, I didn't encounter any leaking issues. As for super long delivery, well if you're using overseas shipping then it will inevitably cost more and take a while... (think of us poor UK sods who can't easily get hold of Bambinos!)

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    Don't your normally have to wash cloth 4+ times before they gain enough capacity?

    Is it possible that you neglected to follow the instructions?

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    I shit my self seeing this, Because of my username :S

    But Cuddlz are generally great. I get my orders in like 3 days, And I order 64 at a time of the All over printed nappies

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    I've had no problems with them only ever got plastic pants though. pretty quick delivery since I'm close.

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