For various reasons (Mostly Nostalgia critic and some guys from ABDLPixel) I have gotten into care bears and have collected a few free links for those who are interested as I know some of you guys must be.

Feel free to add any links that I am missing , I would also appreciate non torrents of The Nelvana Episodes and Nutcracker special as they may lead to viruses and unwanted software, at least I’m paranoid they will despite the fact that avg approved the sites. also you need to download special video players a lot of the time

Land without feelings- Land Without feelings - YouTube :seen
Freeze Machine The Freeze Machine-Cristalena56 - YouTube
Dic episodes -
Nelvana episodes (torrent, do not know software or safety. May be incomplete or out of order)
Watch Care Bears online free on Tv-links

Golden book- Golden book - YouTube
PSA- Care Bears PSAs - YouTube

Care Bears the movie
The Care Bears 1985) - YouTube
Care Bears movie 2 Watch Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation (1986) Online for Free - Viooz
Care Bears in wonder Land
The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland movie (CTD) - YouTube
Nutcracker Special (torrent, do not know software or safety )
Care Bears Nutcracker Suite (1988) DVDrip (download torrent) - TPB

I also have the Nelvana episodes In polish, The playlist is very jumbled (videos ranging from 10 minutes to 1 hour) but it MIGHT have all of them, if you don’t mind watching the videos in polish and probably out of order.
Bajki dla dzieci po polsku Troskliwe Misie.Biwak - YouTube

The songs should be very easy to find on youtube, I would send a link on request, but it would take a long time to compile every song, plus I have had an odd schedule and therefore haven’t been on ADISC in a while and won't be able to go back on for a while

Most of this stuff should be easy to find if you have money