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Thread: my first munch!!

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    Default my first munch!!

    WARNING : spelling and/or grammer errors ahead!! I DON'T care , don't point it out :P

    I awoke up with butterfly's in my tummy. The whole day would be something new, things i've never done before! I've never rode the metro without Anko my sister, Iv'e never been to a munch , ive never been to the movies with my mate balto before...this whole day was like some kind of date. heh heh the thought made me all giddy!!

    I made sure to dress in 'normal' clothes, well as normal as I get! enough to pass as a 'adult'. tho the mlp shirt and the flash shoes...nm. The 45 min drive to the metro seemed so long! even tho I take the same rode to work daily it seemed extra long today!! I got to the metro safely, a bit before noon. Once there It came to mind, this is the first time riding the metro not in a costume! normally I only ride the metro to go to a cosplay/fursuit event, it felt weird to be in normal clothes!!

    Balto was waiting for me at the stop! He knows I have social anxiety and making the trip alone would have probley cuased a panic attack. so he metroed a hour out of his way to come pick me up <3 we rode the metro to our destination. It was a nice ride, we listened to music, talked about future conventions and wut not.

    we got to Bethesda a hour before the event, so we decided to find the place and a movie theater ! we found the theater without ease, finding the restaurant proved harder. after 40 min of aimlessy walking balto finally agreed to use the gps!!! after doing so we were able to find our way! it was fun walking around, looking at fountains n wut not.

    we arrived at the restaurant ,there was a big group upstairs ! over 20 people!!! I quickly hid behind balto, that many people, super scary!! a handful of the group came up to use and greeted us. they talked in very calming voices. it's funny, but just by the way they talked I could see who was a mommy and whom was a lil.

    I held balto's hand and we went downstairs to get our food. I got a BIG bacon cheeseburger and fries! balto grabbed a handful of napkins cus he said I might make a mess. I laughed at the time but he was right ha ha ha!!

    I was surprised at the age group! there was a handful my age but most were my dad and grandas age!!! I was alittle taken back by this, but as they started to talk about babyish things I saw they were just lil boys and girls just like me!! we got cake, it was super tasty!!

    overall the meet was super fun!!!! I was shy at first but everyone was really friendly and I would def go back!! I got invited to a AB birthday party!! so looking forward to that!!!

    after balto and I watched monsters U!!! LOVED the movie!! <3

    ha ha ha I didn't get to the metro till like 10! I've never stayed out that late before!! so anko and my mom were blowing up my phone afraid I dided or something XD

    due to metro being the metro, construction I didn't get home till midnight!! but it was a wonderful day!!! <3

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    Sounds like fun. Wish I could go to meets and stuff, but lack of transportation amd money makes it hard. >.<


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    Munches are the best thing ever I've never been to a littles munch. I've only been to kink/fetish munches which I go to regullarly now. That's where I met all my friends. It's the place where you can go and everyone know's you for who you really are. I was a total nervous wreck the first time though :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shido View Post
    WARNING : spelling and/or grammer errors ahead!! I DON'T care , don't point it out :P
    I just love your opening statement! LOL
    Sounds like you had a great time. It's too bad that such munches are always too far away for me to get to. I might be interested in going to at least one to see what they're like.

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    Sounds like an awesome time! My boyfriend and I were going to go along with another AB friend of mine in DC, but plans changed. So instead we went to Ocean City for the weekend Couldn't have any Daddy/Baby time there though.

    Thought about going to next month's munch, but that's during Otakon. Safe to say I won't be leaving Baltimore that weekend.

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    Wow sounds like you had an uber fun time :-) loved reading it :-) wish we had them here in U.K. and I could afford to go :-(

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