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    Does anyone know if DPF collection videos are still being sold and where? I brought a copy earlier this year on EBAY and the sound is off the picture so bad, it's almost virtually unwatchable.

    My ex-mommy is interested in checking them out.

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    I have no idea if they're sold anywhere. But, any basic video editing program would allow you to shift the audio in time so it synced to the video. Of course, I don't know what format the video's in now, but poke around. There's probably some freeware thing that'll do what you need it to do.

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    VLC media player will let you do it within the program, it will play most files and I think it can even do it if its playing from a DVD or something.

    Anything more old school or complex and then your talking about getting it into a digital format and then transcoding it.

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    What happened to the Diaper Pail Friends?

    They have not been around in quite a long time.

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    I believe one of the owners died and the site went up for sale. My guess is that there were no takes.

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