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Thread: Did you skip potty training?

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    Default Did you skip potty training?

    From my memories, and the accounts from my parents, I pretty much just switched from diapers to underwear. I have one memory were I was three and there was a baby-sized toilet on the floor of the kitchen and I used it. I felt very vulnerable, but after using it, I don't remember much.

    (Just for fun) In the same setting, in the kitchen in our house where the potty originally was, my mom and I had a conversation; I think I was four, about Michael Jackson and how he bleached his skin. Crazy, right? That was like 1987 or something.

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    I don't remember a lot of when I was little, but I may have skipped it because I thought the diapers were uncomfortable and somehow adapted lol. Kinda ironic now XD

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    This is pretty much my story except it was because I was ABDL*. I was very ashamed of being little when I was a baby. I asked my mom what she was doing in the bathroom one day when I was 2. Started using the potty that day. Literally within a few weeks I stopped wearing diapers to bed. I was really weird. I was terrified that someone would find out I liked wearing diapers and cause me of being a baby. Kind of silly since I was a baby. I used to get really upset with people telling me I could not do things because I was too little, thus I decided to pretend to be as grown up as possible.

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    I remember bits and pieces of potty training, definitely went through it. However I particularly remember the end of potty training where my mom let me choose between boxers and tidy whities and I picked the later because they were more like pull-ups.

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    I don't have any memories of potty training... even though I have some memories of being in diapers. Odd.
    My dad said I was potty trained when I was 18 months old. And my mom said I never used pull-ups. Sooo I'm guessing it was a pretty quick transition!

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    I don't remember potty training. According to my mother, it went pretty easily, and I was out of diapers before I was 2 1/2. I didn't wear training pants, but from photographs I believe she switched me back and forth from diapers to underwear during the process. I do however have one photograph from when I was 3. In it I appear to be wearing a diaper, but my mom swears up and down that it was underwear.

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    I wasn't scared of toilet or anything but I was slow potty trainer, probaly because my now known bladder issues that weren't known, I had pooh in the potty down by 3, but needed protection until 5 and even then accident were pretty common for me until 8 years old. I IC now so I guess some things don't go away.

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    I am told that I potty-trained very quickly, which may be why I don't remember it at all (I have other memories from around the same time). So, relatively speaking, I may have "skipped" potty training. I don't remember feeling forced into anything, though.

    I do remember my younger sister's potty training quite vividly. My mom had a big bag of marshmallows (my sister's then-favorite thing), and these were given as rewards for using the potty. I'm sure I stole them frequently. I can also remember seeing her plastic potty sitting next to the bathtub in our shared bathroom. I was probably five at the time, so this was not long before I started borrowing her diapers.

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    I do not remember my potty training at all. I believe I was potty trained in the normal time range. I don't remember anything about my sister’s potty training either. She’s five years younger than I am.

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    Mom told me within days after my brother was born, I saw the mess my brother made in his diaper and I though it was gross and boom I stopped wearing diapers. It happened in one day. My Grandma who was there told my mother I was now potty trained because I decided I didn't want to be a baby anymore and I was just stubborn. I had accidents until age five.

    Actually my mother did try and potty train me and I was never ready, I wouldn't go in the potty. I don't even remember any of this. I can remember wearing them and then not wearing them and having accidents. I just remember diapers were starting to feel uncomfortable on me and I started taking them off and I no longer liked being messy or wet.

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