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Thread: Nappy or diaper, which do you find more babyish?

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    Default Nappy or diaper, which do you find more babyish?

    For people who grew up calling them nappies, UK, Australia .etc I'm curious, what do you find more babyish to call them? Nappies or diapers?

    I really only say diaper because that's what everyone else says on the interwebs, I find for me I feel more like a kid if I call it a nappy though. It also feels slightly weirder for me to call them nappies when I'm using them because for some reason I associate nappies with babies and toddlers but diapers feel more like they are for everyone.

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    I only knew diaper until I got into this. Now I prefer nappy, more babyish and sounds better. Ironically I didn't like the word nappy before.

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    The suffix "ie" or "y" generally refers to an adolescent state of being. Therefore, even though I'm American, I can see how Nappie would seem more infantile than diaper, if judged by phonetics alone.

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    Personally I love the word diaper. Just something about it. Nappy doesn't really do it for me. But, to each their own, I suppose.

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    As English is a foreign language to me, I grew up with neither. But I prefer nappy, it sound more ... fitting. And it contains "nap".

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    It's got to be nappy for me (I only heard the alternative "diaper" when I was about 11!!) - definitely more babyish (but I somehow can't make myself say it - maybe out of embarrassment at something in my past? I'm not sure...)

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    Growing up in the USA the word diaper makes me feel more babyish. When I hear people say "Its diaper time". That means it time for a diaper. Another one would be "I need to change his or her poopy diaper". OR "His or her diaper is wet and needs to be change". I like when they say "It’s ok your diaper will protect you".

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    I grew up with 'nappies' which, apart from their functional aspect of half-protecting beds from babies' incontinence, quickly took on an erotic aspect for me. From my youngest days I used to procure an odd spare nappy and use it to keep my ears warm on cold nights (the excuse), and when no-one was about, to smuggle the nappy down the bed for a lovely hump in the right place. When I graduated to pajamas the nappy fitted snugly inside them and gave almost instant gratification.
    'Diaper' I first encountered probably when studying medical, clinical-style documents associated with health visitors in white uniforms who would delight in technical terms such as 'confinement' for having babies, 'specimen' for a bottle full of pee, etc. These terms I always associated with disinfectant smells, super-clean surgeries etc. . . totally unerotic, or anti-erotic and having no turn-on factor whatever.
    It was only when I came into contact with American websites featuring diaper fetishes that the word 'diaper' took on a completely new dimension. I only discovered the fun of wearing a disposable diaper when I finally took up the courage to order some for myself. I still associate 'diaper' with disposables, and think of 'nappies' as my beloved collection of cloth arrangements, still used but, because of the inconvenience, more for near-dry activities than flood-gates wetting. For a real fun session I now prefer disposable diaper, plastic pants and undersheet! Easier to clean up.
    So I have to say that both terms now conjure up wonderful 'babyish' sentiments. It would be interesting to get comments from other European origins. . . What do French people associate with 'couches', the Germans with 'windel' etc. . .

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    they will always be nappies to me!but then i am a 57 year old brit.

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    In Canada, we've always referred to them as diapers, although I've heard the word nappy. Usually when I see or here the word 'nappy' it's through reading or a media story outside of Canada. I'm familiar with the word, but 'diaper' is what I grew up with

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