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    was wearing diapers and my mom saw it and went crazy and did play my diapers off.

    wanted to buy my other diapers afraid she look back and make an scandal

    my father accepted a good what I do

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    Huh, not even one answer so far?...

    Anyway, at first, if you're able to: Please explain your problem a lil' more detailed. That would be great, so that we have a better overall picture of your situation and so that perhaps someone may have an idea to help you.

    I'm sorry that this happened to you. I guess you have been watching out that you're not getting caught, surely?
    If you don't know how to, there is a great article about this: Article: Hiding diapers

    But since you have already been caught... that will probably not help you that much.
    At least it may help you, since you want to buy some new diapers and probably without getting caught again. ;)
    And furthermore I don't know your parents. You know best how to handle such a situation if you experienced a similar one already.

    So... my idea: Since your father is fine with this already, if I'm getting you right... How about if you talk to him that he may calm down your mother somehow?
    Besides that... you have to know if it's best to forget about this and try to ignore it or to approach your mother and try to talk to her and explain everything in a way, that she may be able to accept it one way or another.
    By one way or another, I mean if she's fine about it... somehow, or that you simply carry on doing it in private. Which would also be my basic advice... since it's something private in the end.

    Ultimately, if you want to explain it to your mother, since the situation may be really bad or if she's trying to approach you... be prepared.
    You're not hurting anyone. Diaper wearing is strange perhaps, but not wrong. Why should it be? No one has to know about it, except that you got caught now by her, but this can happen since you're living together (I guess?).

    Anyway, best wishes!

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    No blame for the difficulty of understanding your English. You should hear my Portuguese.
    But here is what Google Translate (Google Translate) comes up with in Portuguese for the English in your post. (This is guaranteed to be bad.)
    = = = = =
    usava fraldas e minha mãe viu e ficou louco e jogou minhas fraldas off.

    queria comprar meus outros fraldas com medo que ela olhar para trás e fazer um escândalo

    meu pai aceitou um bom o que eu faço
    = = = = =
    It may be worthwhile to start in Portuguese, let GT tell you what it thinks and then fix that.

    But don't give up because we haven't understood yet.

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    I'm sorry this has happened to you. When I was about your age and my mom discovered my diapers, she did not accept it either. I was never able to convince her to accept it, so I got a job and moved out. The best you can do is talk to her and explain why you enjoy wearing a diaper. Short of that, just hope this passes over and you can continue to wear in secret.

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