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Thread: Greetings from Canada

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    Default Greetings from Canada

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I am also fairly new to this whole ab/dl little life style. I think I am more a little than i am an ab, and I like and enjoy it. I am a littlesubbie really. I found this site, it looked interesting so I thought I'd join .

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    Hi there. This is quite an interesting forum, and there are lots of different people and furries here, so you should fit right in. Enjoy!


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    Hi and Welcome to the community . All kinds of interesting people here. I'm from Michigan in the US.

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    Welcome/Beinvenue, you'll find a fairly substantial number of Canadians here. There's even a group for just such a thing! (Albeit it's a little dusty)

    What are some interests you have, if you don't mind the question?

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    Greetings from a fellow Canadian. I'm from Ottawa myself.

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    A big welcome from someone who wishes he was Canadian. Ha! Don't know why, but I developed a fascination with your country a while back. Hope to check it out someday. You rock!

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    I love Canada. I've driven all throughout it. I especially love the western provinces, but with all of that my single favorite City is Montreal. :-)


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    Edmontonian dl & adult diaperfur here. Diaper camp is this weekend, in Alberta, near Red Deer... You ought to know such things do exist... Last one I attended I ended up with a pack of 3 different kinds of bambinos... and no attends at all, Abena M4 is my usual, btw

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