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Thread: If you could wish for anything what would be like a endless supply of diapers!

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    Default If you could wish for anything what would be like a endless supply of diapers!

    Post your 3 diaper wishes here!
    My 1 wish is to endless supply of diapers and my 2 wish is to have a endless supply diaper wipes
    and my 3 wish is to have endless supply diaper rash cream!
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    My first wish would be the standard endless diaper supply, second would be diapers are on par with underwear as far as a social norm. and third my diapers are all colorful and babyish.

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    1.) endless supply of diapers, the Luvs one with Blues Clues on them.
    2.) my body would permanently be the size of a toddler's so I could fit in said Blues Clues diapers (physical size of a 4-5 year old)
    3.) Everyone would view and treat me as a toddler. (3 year old)
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    1) Diapers accepted as normal for adults to wear
    2) My wife would wear
    3) Quality adult diapers available without having to order them

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    I wish my parents would understand that I want to have a pacifier and diapers. That's the only thing I really wish for. DX

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    Hehe, I remember the episode of dragon ball z where the pig wishes for the most comfortable pair of underwear in the world, and since then i always thought about if i could wish for the most comfortable diaper in the world, that could just clean itself up when it got full.

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    My wishes would be:

    1 - That the people would not associate AB/DL's with children.
    2 - That premium diapers were available in actual stores and we wouldn't have to order online
    3 - The social media would actually make us look good in reports.

    I know 1 and 3 might seem the same but the difference is. That 1 is about regular people would not be freaked out by this, and 3 is about portrayal on TV and news articles.

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    1) to have an unlimited supply of size 6 pampers from 1999
    2) to have the body size of a 4-5 year old, with my current brain
    3) to be treated with respect as an adult, even though I'm the size of a 5 year old and wear baby diapers ;-)

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    Well i have one wish and thats to find a daddy and i have i will say no more but dreams can come true

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    Three diaper wishes. They would be:
    1 - The plastic totes I keep my supply in never ran out. For example if I took out 5 diapers and closed the lid on the tote. The next time I opened it, the tote would still be full as if I never took anything out of it. Of course I would have different brands of my favorite diaper that I like in the tote. Hence, the basic wish for endless supply of diapers.

    2 - There would never be such a thing as a defective diaper. Every diaper would be perfectly flawless.

    3 - AB/DL would have no negatives attached to it at all in the public eyes.

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